In the Google Play Store for a short time, an Android App for free, which you should grab. It not only saves 17,99 Euro, but gets to be a really useful App that has some special features.

Android App for free: “Accumulator PDF creator” for free instead of for 17,99 Euro

Who documents often works with PDF knows the Problem: The Transformation to or from a PDF document is not so easy. It is precisely here that the Android App “Accumulator PDF creator” is used, which is currently available free of charge. You can’t only text in a PDF document convert, but even images and Videos. In addition, you can easily make PDF documents into images convert. The results in the PDF Format, you can also compress it to save storage space. Practically the opportunity to bark multiple PDF documents verb, so you have a file is well. The App has many editing are also possibilities.

The promotion runs until 4. February 2021, unless terminated by the developer in advance. In the past this happened, as the interest grew, and the developers have hoped for additional revenue. The reviews in the Play Store of Google are quite positive. There are 4.4 stars with over 700 reviews. The App has now been downloaded over 100,000 Times. The last Update there were a few days ago. The developers keep the application up-to-date.

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Free Alternatives in the Play Store

In the Google Play Store countless Alternatives that are free of charge, but usually only for a certain amount of time. After the expiry of the trial period, you have to often pay for the Android App. Anyone who works with PDFs, you should save this application.