This China-manufacturer wants to be the mobile king

While Huawei device, more and more will Stumble, wants to move the competition to the Chinese number one quietly past. Now, the ambitious plans of a former subsidiary brand Huawei are known and which have in themselves.

Honor: Huawei offshoot für “Digital Natives“

Honor wants to the top: New competition for Huawei

While Huawei is losing worldwide market share and thus importance, is positioned the competition in China. Ironically, the former sub-brand Honor is now rumored to plan an open attack on the former number one in the Chinese Smartphone business. The project can be considered as quite ambitious: All the 100 million cell phones, according to the would like to Honor Nikkei Asia in the year 2021 under the people bring.

In the case of Huawei, however, it is rather sobering to 60 million units for the coming year. Even if Honor, should it actually create the production in such a way to attract, then the sales of Huawei and the Honor would be expected together are still a drop of around 20 percent compared To Huawei’s sales in the year 2019 mean. This number alone should make it clear enough how much Huawei is suffering because of the US sanctions.

At Honor, however, you should feel more liberated than in the case of the announcement of the sale of the brand to a newly founded consortium. Customers, in turn, can come from a realignment of Honors, where the manufacturer not only with mobile phones in the medium – and entry-level is satisfied. The beginning of the Honor V40 to be reckoned with in the spring of 2021 is doing. First fears, according to which the brand Honor, maybe even in the whole could disappear, are by now off the table.

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Honor phones with Qualcomm processors

Unlike the Huawei Honor is not excluded from cooperation with American companies. It is now established that there are advanced talks between Honor and Qualcomm. Here is a Deal should come about, then the future Smartphones of Honor with a powerful Qualcomm processors will be a huge advantage in the fight for market share, on the Huawei more have to do without.