This function no-one knows almost

Android Smartphones are for their versatility, but not everyone knows all the features to the full potential also. GIGA shows a brilliant Trick that keeps you always up to date.

Football is by far the most popular Sport in the world. More than four billion football fans are distributed according to Statista around the globe. At the Top is to Play the interest is particularly great – too bad if you can’t then watch the spectacle. To be still, always on the event informed, has come up with Google is a clever Feature for Android Smartphones: a angepinnter game.

Angepinnter game informed football Fans with Android-Smartphone

To do this, you have to simply tap to enter a game in the Google search, and then click “game pin”. This opens a Mini-window that covers the screen content and the current game state with a goal difference informed opens. Another tip on the window allows the view of additional information, for example, which players have scored goals. About “Remove” the window disappears again. How this looks in practice is shown in the following Screenshots:

So a game can stand on a Android-Smartphone pin. Image: GIGA.

By the way, the Whole thing is reminiscent of the Chat Heads of Facebook messenger, is due to the small size, but much more inconspicuous. With the function of football will be able to chat to Fans using Android Smartphone, watch Videos, or many other make and at the same time, nevertheless, the game of their favorite team track – a handy Feature.

These Apps are a must on any Android phone:

Google expands search on Android phones more

In the past few years, Google has the search on Android phones drilled further and further – even and especially in terms of sports, in particular football. Users can allow teams to follow, over tables and game plans, will receive appropriate messages and statistics, and much more. Anyone who owns an Android Smartphone and a football Fan is, should these functions not to be missed.