This Investor Kicked a Woman Out of Hotel Room

Ojjeh is a 34 year old Memphis investor who was nearly jailed last year for bribery and arms deals. Last night the Memphis investor kicked a young female out of his hotel room by dragging her by her hair. The young woman is named Nisha and was possibly a longtime acquaintance of Ojjeh’s.

He may be in some deep waters, but it appears as though they rise even though the investor is already embroiled in a bit of criminal controversy. 

Late Sunday night (April. 11), the investor found himself in the hot seat after allegedly forcing a girl out of the hotel room. In a social media post, a hotel worker snapped a photo of the young woman in the hotel hallway in a robe, below, as evidence. While both of them have denied that he kicked her out, the hotel footage shows a different story.

Ojjeh’s attorneys have been hard at work keeping him out of prison for his shady deals. According to initial reports Ojjeh booked a hotel room for the woman, Ojjeh appears in in the hotel earlier when a person in the room next to his complains about how loud they are in a video. In a brief clip recorded by the room next door the woman screaming during intercourse. Ojjeh leaves the room around 3pm and returns later that night around 10pm to continue the private rendezvous. However, this time the neighbor records overhearing an argument you can hear him repeatedly demanding that she leave. Ojjeh posted on Instagram saying“ if you miss a call from me you might not hear from me again for another 2-3 years”, which may have been the reason for the argument, her missing a phone call from him?

Ojjeh reportedly drags her out of the room and the neighbor snaps a picture of the woman on the floor crying.