Threats under the magnifying glass of experts

ISX IT Security Conference 2022
SOC services: Threats under the magnifying glass of experts

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The security world of today is highly complex. With the help of security operation centers, dangers can be better identified and remedied. Marcel Sievers, Information Security Specialist at Pco, explains how this works.

Marcel Sievers, Information Security Specialist, Pco
Marcel Sievers, Information Security Specialist, Pco

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ITB: What are the advantages of SOC services for customers?

Sievers: A customer who uses our SOC services can expect a 24/7 deployment. Security alerts are constantly monitored, evaluated and critical findings are immediately reported. However, it is not done with the message. We provide appropriate instructions for action and, together with the customer’s IT department, ensure that the countermeasures are implemented quickly. Our SOC service is not an independent silo, but our team of cybersecurity experts is involved. The combination of the right solution components and an understanding of the customer’s business processes have an important influence on the service and are not considered separately from each other.

ITB: What problems do customers struggle with, especially when it comes to security?

Sievers: Cybercrime has now developed into a professional business area and the motives are often monetary. Specifically, there will be no respite for ransomware, for example. In the coming years, more and more frequent and complex attacks will keep us on our toes. This means that IT security teams cannot take a breather, but are constantly exposed to an extremely high number of security alerts. For customers, it is therefore a top priority to relieve their employees – and at the same time to remain fully protected. In view of the lack of qualified personnel, this can hardly be achieved with an in-house IT team.

ITB: Why did Pco decide to set up its own SOC? What does Trend Micro contribute?

Sievers: The increasingly complex IT security situation today requires a 24/7 early warning system against cyber attacks. Our own SOC service was an important prerequisite for us to be able to quickly initiate countermeasures for our customers in the event of an attack. In the meantime, we have therefore built up a cybersecurity department with over 30 specialists. With Trend Micro, we have a partner on board who brings not only powerful technology, but also a renowned and long-standing expertise. Thanks to the German channel team of Trend Micro, questions can be clarified on the short official route. The use of Trend Micro (Managed) XDR guarantees that security information is correlated throughout the customer’s IT environment and evaluated using AI and threat intelligence.


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