Trends 2021: UPS systems in automation technology

Power supply Trends 2021: UPS systems in automation technology

Ines Stotz

Automated production systems and digital processes require a secure 24/7 power supply. With UPS solutions for uninterrupted power supply of the data flow between all endpoints to ensure.


For a free exchange of machine sewing and company data in a network need to be protected all the endpoints.
For a free exchange of machine sewing and company data in a network need to be protected all the endpoints.

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The electricity safety in Germany is becoming less and less predictable. This is due to the current developments in the electricity market and structural changes to the energy transition. Experts see in the next few years, the future security of Supply at risk. The power supply in Germany is increasingly being supplied from a variety of sources, including renewable energies such as wind power, solar energy and natural gas, petroleum, coal, and nuclear power. The more heterogeneous the power of landscape, the more susceptible it is to interference. This doesn’t have to be a complete power failure, self-entertaining faults in the network, voltage spikes, and a few seconds of failures can have far-reaching consequences for the entire electrical and automation technology.

Industry 4.0 and robotics

Add to that: Increasing industry 4.0 applications, and more and more used robots lead to increasing dependency on Electricity.

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  • The number of automatically operated production facilities, machines, and sub-processes also increases 2021 continuously and increases the degree of automation in industrial and manufacturing companies.
  • The robot density, i.e. the number of industrial robots reached a Survey according to 2020 a new record. Germany is by far the largest market in Europe, around 38 % of Europe’s industrial robots used in industrial companies in Germany.
  • The Digital Transformation is in many places in the operationalization. This Trend is continuing this year, digitized processes and networked IT and manufacturing systems pave the way for new automation and AI projects, Machine-Deep-Learning and detailed Data Analytics.
  • The volume of data (Big Data) is increasing and the need for a seamless exchange of data between systems, people and machines reached a new climax.

When and where are the UPS systems?

Therefore, UPS systems, securing a reliable supply of electricity are important. You are important, where there is a constant availability of the human and the machine must be guaranteed. All of these endpoints are protected against power failure, a loser, data seamless exchange between systems, networked and On-Premise systems and Cloud applications. Production and business data must flow, and that requires power.

Depending on the network structure, Server, Storage, and the existing distribution of power, every power is to secure the circle. An engineer, for example, sends data to a certain production machine. This flow of control through a Switch and Router to the production machine as the recipient site. It comes as a result of a sudden power failure leads to the interruption of the current connection, the Router loses power and the data transmission breaks off immediately. Even after a very short voltage interruption Router usually require several minutes until the connection is stable again is constructed.

Centerpiece –Switch, Router, Server – secure

Recommended to the Central securing the network core Switch, Router, and Server. Companies should make use of when setting up a new network, or in the case of a cross-extension of thought, such as a secure power supply, and about UPS systems, inform.

Tip: A Switch has a long service life. Nevertheless, it may be after a few years, replace the unit. Current PoE switches have to offer in addition to the high-performance data transport, a voltage supply to the endpoints. In a Central, easily accessible place (in the vicinity of the router, in the server room or the control Cabinet), they can be efficient on a UPS to protect.

Data flow location across

Industrial companies to manage a portion of your data are increasingly in regionally distributed, networked production facilities and Edge data centers. The important thing is a stable data flow in each geographical location and maximum reliability at the network edge. UPS systems can take the decentralized Power protection.

Production lines and industrial robots protect

If the power supply gaps in parts of the production chain to come to a standstill, it can lead to cost a complete production stop and unplanned consequence. In the case of industrial robots, it is important that you are controlled in the case of a power gap and safely shut down. Only then will the loss of critical machine and company data, delays in the chain and costly device to avoid damage.

In the automotive manufacturing UPS systems, for example, to monitor the automated production of each unit. Already an entertaining power interruption is critical for the run times “Just-in-Time processing” of jobs and impairs the production quality. A UPS ensures that the production control system can maintain a power failure, the current Status of the machine and Emergency run. The production process can seamlessly continue to run, or as soon as possible to be restarted.

UPS remote maintenance and Remote Monitoring

Integration of the UPS devices in a Cloud allows companies an efficient Monitoring from a Central location. With a location-tracking cross-remote UPS systems to various production and business sites, remotely manage, control and monitor.

Conclusion: Already the voltage and frequency fluctuations and short power interruptions to the production and supply chain to interfere in the shortest amount of time and shut down. With UPS solutions automated processes, advanced production lines and machinery, secure, and high, unplanned costs to avoid.