Unbeatable Bundle offers at MediaMarkt

You want to get the Galaxy S21, but not too much to pay? Then it is worth currently, to take a look at the offers in the MediaMarkt collective world. The Top-end Smartphone from Samsung will get there, together with the Galaxy Buds Live Bluetooth headphones, as well as a Trio of Charger in the Tariff Bundle extremely cheap. GIGA has the Details.

Update on 21.03.2021:

After the extremely affordable Tariff Bundles with the Galaxy S21 to completely sell out, they are now available again, with new additions. Top Smartphone of Samsung with a contract in the network of Telekom, Vodafone or o2 is now the Galaxy Buds Live Bluetooth headset and a Samsung Trio Charger on top.

Samsung Galaxy S21 + Buds + Live Trio Charger in a Bundle with the Collective at MediaMarkt

In the media market rate of world is Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (256GB) in the Bundle with the Bluetooth head Buds Live and the Samsung Trio Charger with Collective listeners in the network of Telekom, Vodafone or o2 for € 129 and € 29.99 a month. Who can use the accessories, makes this place a really good bargain, because in a single purchase, the equipment costs are currently much more.

The cost of the offer at a Glance:

  • Basic fee: 24 × 29,99 euros per month
  • Charge for Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (256GB): 129 Euro
  • Connection Fee: 39,99 Euro
  • Shipping costs: free of charge
    = added together 888,75 Euro after 24 months minimum term

The Galaxy S21 5G is the latest Top-end Smartphone from Samsung, which leaves little to be desired. With 256 GB of memory will cost, according to idealo-price comparison in a single purchase of at least 800 euros, the Buds Live beat with 85 euros, and the Trio Charger with 55 Euro. With the MediaMarkt Bundle, you get the Fare so not only effectively, free of charge, but the computer makes even a small profit.

More about the phone you are experiencing in our Test of the Galaxy S21 or in this Video:

Effectively, free of charge, this includes: Collective bargaining in a network of Telekom, Vodafone or o2

The corresponding rate of Mobilcom-Debitel you have the choice whether you want to use the network, Telekom, Vodafone or o2. The price remains the same, but the services are significantly different:

  • Telekom: Allnet-Flat and 10 GB LTE with up to 21.6 MBit/s
  • Vodafone: Allnet – & SMS-Flat, as well as 18 GB LTE with up to 50 MBit/s
  • o2: Allnet – & SMS-Flat, as well as 20 GB LTE with up to 225 MBit/s

The o2 Tariff provides the most up to the current network test, however, continue to 3. Place. In large cities, o2, however, is now almost on a par with Telekom, Vodafone and o2. Prior to the conclusion of a mobile tariff, you should inform you which network you have in your home the best reception.

No matter which plan you ultimately decide, forget not to terminate in a timely manner. After 24 months, the minimum term of the contract, the fee increases, even though you’ve paid off the phone with the contract””.