How does it continue in the future with Telegram? An Investment of US $ 1 billion backs up the current business. The unexpected windfall but it could also have its dark sides. The biggest promise of the popular Messengers on the game.

Not only since the controversy surrounding the new WhatsApp terms and conditions of use Telegram experienced a rain feed. Currently, the Messenger has more than 400 million active users and counting. The costs for staff, servers, and other expenses, have to get the free WhatsApp competitor back in, which is why in the future, the advertising should be. Until then, a new Investment in the Messenger assures the operation.

Telegram receives Investment of 1 billion US Dollar

As a whole, Heiseto 1 billion US dollars in Telegram invested be. So far, the Emirate is only Abu Dhabi as a money transmitter known, the 75 million US-Dollar about its state Fund Mubadala in the App shoots. The same amount of Dhabi Catalyst Partners is coming again. Telegram will also open up a branch in the UAE.

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Kaan Gürayer19.01.2021

In April of Telegram should have a credit in the amount of 700 million US dollars in back pay, the Investment comes at the right time. In his announcement Telegram founder Pavel Durov of bonds speaks and stresses, furthermore, that Telegram will not be sold. However, media reports from the US suggest that it should Exchange bonds act, the in Telegram share turnif the Investment, including interest, the time limit has not repaid will.

Telegram is not the only Alternative to WhatsApp:

Wobbles the Central promise of Telegram?

This opens the door for speculation. Future shareholders could Telegram force but, for saleif you enough voting shares the company’s hold. In order for a would the Central promise of the Telegram on the Brink are. Founder Durov was once a “lifetime warranty” that the Messenger will not be sold.