WhatsApp not getting it easy

WhatsApp does not come easy to the rest. The Messenger has done, once again an error that occurs now for the third Time and simply can not be solved. The WhatsApp Alternatives RUB the hands.

WhatsApp is more mobile numbers to Google

As would WhatsApp with the new terms and conditions of use – which is actually at 8. February 2021, should enter into force, after a lot of Protest but now a few months have not been moved enough problems already, now follows a new case, the appearance but for the third Time. WhatsApp can’t make it, Google stop to index telephone numbers of the users. A few months ago, we reported about the same Problem. WhatsApp has promised improvement, and the Problem is now also solved. Now, it occurs according to a security expert once again:

This discovery comes at the most inconvenient time for WhatsApp. The Facebook subsidiary is trying everything to not be as data gift by the parent company, seen. There’s a Problem with the privacy of the users is not good at all. In the last few years, WhatsApp has handled data leaks mostly so, and the user has hardly cared. Those days are gone, because the WhatsApp-Alternatives to enjoy the rain inlet. Signal, Telegram, Threema and co. offers many former WhatsApp users who have no desire more on the antics of the Facebook subsidiary. WhatsApp will be able to close the gap again. Not guarantee that something like this happens again, you can see the company but hardly, as you.

The best WhatsApp Alternatives:

What is the Alternative to WhatsApp, is it really secure?

Because WhatsApp is currently so often the subject of criticism, many users, what is the Alternative to WhatsApp is the Best. Many celebrities like Elon Musk or Edward Snowden, recommend Signal. It is an independent Messenger, the but comes from the United States, under the “CLOUD Act” and the US authorities must give in the worst case, access. Telegram from Russia is not encrypted by default, and will soon also switch to advertising at the expense of the user. Threema from Switzerland is safe, but costs money. So it is not an easy decision, which Messenger to choose, especially since you must also convince all of his contacts that want to simply use more WhatsApp.