When is the $ 60,000?

Still it is not available, the 60,000 dollars. However, the overall situation remains “super bullish”. The Market Update.

The Bitcoin price has captured the brand of 60,000 US dollars in a sustainable way. However, the bulls still no reason to throw the horns in the grain. At least, when it comes to the professional Trader Robert Rother. On our Youtube channel Robert is every Tuesday and Thursday, a tryst, to the short-term development of the Bitcoin-discuss course. Robert analysing the volume, in which individual courses are traded. From the volume profile Charts so-called Points of Control (POC) can be derived. This is, of course, brands, where most of BTC changed hands. These Points of Controls frequently highlight key support and resistance areas, where the price of Bitcoin work. Currently, the $ 60,000 mark forms a strong resistance, which is reflected as a POC to resist.

Bitcoin rates “absolutely bullish”

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The chances are good that the “60k” soon again in attack. The development of the OBV indicator suggests. The OBV is calculated from the total volume of the trading day. If Bitcoin has closed higher than the previous day, increases the volume. To the contrary, it is assumed that there is a lower volume. The sum of positive and negative volume shaping, finally, the OBV line. In the case of Bitcoin, the OBV has been known since the middle of January, only one direction: up. Roberts conclusion to the OBV: “At the moment, everything is absolutely bullish“.

Deutsche Bank published the Bitcoin Report

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win” – this incorrectly, Mahatma Gandhi attributed to quip of an American trade unionist power in the crypto Space, often round, when it comes to describe the attitude of the (Central)banks ‘ digital Gold. In this scheme, the Deutsche Bank is situated now somewhere between “laugh” and “combat”. Because at Germany’s largest financial institution, the penny – or rather Satoshi – is that Bitcoin can no longer ignore.

Bitcoins market capitalization of $1 trillion makes it too important to ignore him. Great actors, purchase Bitcoins, and to sell, have a considerable market influence. As long as asset managers and companies to get still in the market, could increase the Bitcoin prices.

What is Deutsche Bank the intrinsic value of bitcoin, however, there is already the title of the Papers re: “bitcoin: Can be from the Tinkerbell effect a self-fulfilling prophecy?”. The Tinkerbell effect describes when something seems to exist only because there are people who believe that it exists. It is named Tinkerbell effect after the eponymous Fairy from Peter Pan.


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Bitcoin hash rate remains stable

In contrast to the Tinkerbell, in the course of a 51-percent attack of children, who no longer believed in you, a near-death experience, the Bitcoin network in the best of health. The hash rate – the indicator for the computing power that miners secure the Bitcoin network, is still at a high level.

Bitcoin price and hash rate since January 2017. The first “BTC” is selected, the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork, the second is the Bitcoin Halving. Source: Bitinfocharts.

The security of Bitcoin – one of the biggest selling points for BTC is growing with each Hash.

BTC-ECHO test report: Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX)

With the BSDEX the Stuttgart stock exchange has launched the first German stock market for crypto-currencies in the market. We have the platform on the heart and kidneys tested The result is that you will find in the test report.

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