Why do all of this Smartphone?

The 5G network is on the rise and new mobile phones. But what sort of a 5G model, the buyer decide is currently the most? Market researchers now have the answer and reveal what kind of Smartphone, the peak position of climbs.

5G: Where is the LTE successor? And how fast is he?

With official sales figures for the manufacturer to hold back time, especially Apple is silent and reveals no Details. A challenge for the market research, which informs us now, but the most common 5G phone. Out of this have found the company M Science and Ookla as PCMag reported. Important: The data refer to the United States, but are nevertheless an important point of reference.

Apple triumphs: iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most popular 5G phone

The amazing result: In 49 out of 50 US States triumphs of the iPhone 12 Pro Max – Apple’s most expensive Smartphone in the current Portfolio. In Vermont and Washington, D.C., we find the iPhone 12 Pro at this point. This and the normal iPhone 12, the first three ranks to prove in General in all the countries. The iPhone off, however, 12 mini. Also in this Ranking, the fears, only the least Apple come true-customers pick up the small model. Often this variation, and, in General, behind the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus maneuvering and Galaxy S20 Ultrayou are ultimately the most popular Android phones with 5G technology. At least from the “family” is still the regular Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is asked.

What Apple puts in the iPhone 12 Pro (Max), so all things are pure:

What is striking tremendously: Apple and Samsung dominate on almost frightening way the list. In the case of a collection of a total of 33 mobile phones, can be found only at Position 14 is a device, which comes from the two manufacturers (LG V60 ThinQ 5G). Not the Samsung Galaxy S21 was taken into account by the way. This came just too late to the market (by the end of January), because the data were up to 23. January is collected.

Why do all the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

But why all want for now, the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the United States? The short answer: It is simply best of the moment Apple-mobile – more iPhone not for the money. The detailed answer is: Especially in the first months after the start of sales of the Top models of the iPhones always dominate, later the “normal” model by proposing on the market, namely when the price of strike-sensitive customers. Compared to the simple “Pro” has the “Max” and then the optimal equipment. Not only a larger and 6.7-inch Display, but also the better camera. The less a fee of US $ 100 compared to the 6.1-inch variant the customer at the end of a large model of the attack.

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And why is Samsung scores? It can be discussed at length, ultimately, Americans buy still like domestic products, even if the to be built in China. However, prior to the production in the far East, the development in California is known to be still and the Rest of the value chain is the home of Apple in the United States – America First. In short, Apple had, and home has always been a better Stand.