With this Android App you manage your files easier

On your own Smartphone and Tablet many files accumulate with time. Before you lose the Overview, you should sort and assign. This is exactly why you can download now, for a short time free Android App “SUI File Explorer PRO”. The application, however, has more to it.

Android App for free: “SUI File Explorer PRO” for free instead of $ 1.59

Many Android Smartphones and Tablets now have a simple file Manager. Those who are expecting something more, you must have access to additional applications. In the Google Play Store, there are up to 22. February 2021 the Android App “SUI File Explorer PRO” for free in the offer, which drops from $ 1.59. This makes for a perfectly manage. However, the application can do much more. In addition to the ability to move files, delete, rename, compress or extract, you can also categorize all the files and find them again. For professionals, there is also a Root File Manager, the normal users don’t need.

As a small special feature of the Smartphone or Tablet itself can be a FTP Server, which you can then files directly from the phone to the PC to retrieve. The “SUI File Explorer PRO” only occupies a few MB on the phone, and takes only the right, he really needs to execute the actions.

SUI File Explorer PRO

SUI File Explorer PRO

Developer: Suifitime

For more practical helper in everyday life:

Free Alternative in the Google Play Store

The “SUI File Explorer PRO” has been downloaded over 10,000 Times in the Google Play Store and has a 4.2 out of 5 stars. Be praised, the scope of functions and small size. There is not the Android App, but in the German language, and some operating steps are very cumbersome.

File Manager

File Manager

Developer: File Manager Plus

The App should cost something, it with file Manager is a free Alternative. This is also available in German and partially easier to use. Here, there are In-App purchases and advertising, and if you want to use all of its functionality.