With this app, all eyes are on you

Not only during a job interview or a get-to-know-you date: The first impression counts! If you want to attract attention in the digital world on Instagram, WhatsApp or Tinder, you need more than an 08/15 profile picture. This is where a new app comes into play that conjures up a radiant beauty out of everyone.

It has never been easier to learn new things. There are free tutorials on almost every topic on YouTube. Nevertheless, not everyone has time or desire to watch explanatory videos for hours. Just for such cases, there are practical apps that do a lot with the push of a button. One of them is “New Profile Pic”who crafts a real work of art out of every standard selfie.

New Profile Pic turns every selfie into a work of art

The name of the app says it all: Using artificial intelligence, “New Profile Pic” beautifies every photo. The only requirement is that it is it’s a selfie or at least a face can be seen prominently in the picture, otherwise the app will strike. We did the test and it didn’t work with the image of a plate, for example.

The magic that the app can do with normal selfies, on the other hand, can be seen in the following example:

On the left the original, on the right the revised version (Image source: GIGA/New Profile Pic)

Users of “New Profile Pic” can choose between different styles, among other things, you can also have your revised selfie mounted on a cartoon body. Special styles for women are also on board the app. Practical: If you do not want to use your own photo, you can use a integrated search function on Instagram also take photos of celebs or other celebrities and let them dress up. However, copyright should be observed here, otherwise the unauthorized use of such photos by third parties can be expensive.

More exciting apps for your phone:

Free app for Android smartphones and the iPhone

The basic feature of “New Profile Pic” and a handful of styles are free. If you want more, you have to go for the Pro version. It is comparatively expensive with an annual price of 27.99 euros. We at GIGA therefore advise you to leave it at the free version. “New Profile Pic” is available for Android smartphones (view on Google Play Store) and iPhone (view on App Store).

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