With this scam scammers pull the money out of your pocket

Vinted is a popular shopping app where you can buy and sell used items. From clothing to electronics, you can find a lot of second-hand items. But scammers are after the much-used app and its users. With a perfidious trick, they get many buyers out of their money.

Brazen scam at Vinted: fraudsters trick shopping app

The popular shopping app for second-hand items Vinted seems to be accumulating fraud cases. This is evidenced by forum posts in which affected users report their negative experiences. Accordingly, the fraudsters succeed with a trick to pry out the seller protection and thus collect money without ever sending the offered goods.

The normal procedure is as follows: You order an item, pay by PayPal and activates buyer protection for an extra fee. Vinted will then retain the money until the seller has received the shipping confirmation for the selected item and the delivery has been confirmed. Buyers can file a complaint within 2 days after an item is displayed in the system as delivered, if there is something wrong with it.

According to the complaints of fraud victims but can scammers incorrectly date the shipment and delivery. Thus, items in the system are considered delivered – days or weeks before they were ordered (source: Vinted Forum). The fraudsters actually put Vinted on the cross, but the customers bear the damage.

Because you can because of the wrong date no longer respond within the 2-day period. It is particularly perfidious that buyers are thus pulled the money out of their pockets via an additional function for hedging. Because you will not get your money back without further ado – nor will you usually receive the purchased goods.

With these tips you can keep your money together when shopping online:

In case of fraud: Vinted support is only sometimes a help

After all, anyone who has paid via PayPal can also claim back the money via it. However, according to affected users, this could be a worse rating at Vinted or even a blocking of the account as a result. Loud Focus if Vinted leaves the fraud victims alone with the problem so far, it may provide automated answers to user complaints. In some cases, however, it is also said to have led to a refund if fraud victims report to Vinted.

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