Xiaomi plans to crazy Smartphone that was available in the Form of never

Xiaomi is not with the Design of normal Smartphones satisfied, and is planning a very special optics to provide a real added value. Even now, images have surfaced, showing how a Xiaomi phone of the future might look like.


Xiaomi plans new Slider Smartphone with a special Display

While we works looking forward to the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro wait to put in the field of photography to a new level, the Chinese group behind the Scenes on a completely new Design for a future Top mobile. According to a patent, the LetsGoDigital graphically implemented, the new model is equal to two features. So, Xiaomi wants to implement again a Slider mechanism that hides the front camera. It pushes the back up, the camera will be to light. In addition, the screen on the back and half of it to cover. How crazy such a thing would look, you can see in the image below:


It wouldn’t be the first Time that Xiaomi pulls up a screen on the back. Thus, the Chinese group is expanding the scope of the function, and for example, you can use the main camera on the back for Selfies. In addition, notifications and the like can be displayed. The possibilities are many and varied. How useful is a Display at the bottom of a smartphone, will have to show. If it falls on the floor, it should survive the impact, barely. Xiaomi needs to build also a lot of things differently, such as, for example, the microphone, the loudspeaker, the charging port and much more. However, a Smartphone would be a interesting solution to have something Special to offer.

Xiaomi has beaten the new iPhone:

When comes the new Xiaomi phone?

As usual with such discoveries, it is a Patent, which was visualized by LetsGoDigital. If and when a Xiaomi phone comes on the market, is in the stars. The market something to loosen up would be a Design, but actually very welcome.