Xiaomi works on revolutionary mobile phone

In the second half of 2021, the starting signal is given for something that will turn the entire mobile phone world upside down. This is convinced by a well-known expert who has now revealed the plans of Xiaomi and also Samsung. No less than a revolution is imminent.

Samsung Electronics

In order to fulfill the desire for ever larger screens with consistent housing dimensions, smartphone manufacturers have increasingly relied on camera holes or notches in recent years. 2021 could be the beginning of the end of this unpleasant compromise solution.

Xiaomi and Samsung want to present folding phones with under-display cameras

The claims industry insider Ice Universe on Twitterreporting on plans by five manufacturers in the second half of the year Smartphones with under-display camera should be launched on the market. So shall Samsung about to have a folding phone with this technology in petto, according to older reports, this will be the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Also Xiaomi will the pioneering technology allegedly in Mi Mix 4. Oppo should also have a foldable smartphone with under-display camera plan. Vivo and ZTE, on the other hand, both of which have already shown phones with this feature, are to work on “greatly improved versions”.

For a sub-display camera, the name is program: The Selfie snap is installed under the screen and only comes to light when it is needed. On disturbing Camera holes or notches can be dispensed with be. The smartphone user is thus interruption-free Display available, which offers advantages especially for media consumption. Who watches his favorite series on Netflix and likes to look left at a hole in the screen?

In a prototype, Xiaomi has already shown a sub-display camera:

Under-Display cameras with milk veils and blurred Selfies

So far, under-display cameras still struggled with some disadvantages compared to classic front cameras. The ZTE Axon 20, the first commercially available Smartphone with this technology, could not convince in the quality of the front camera images. In many cases, the Sharpness of selfies criticized, also made himself a Milk veil on the pictures noticeable. The fact that heavyweights such as Samsung and Xiaomi now rely on an under-display camera in their top smartphones gives hope that this Problems could be solved.

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