1-HE-Server on the Basis of AMD Epyc and with NVMe Storage

Compact servers from Thomas-Krenn 1-HE-Server on the Basis of AMD Epyc and with NVMe Storage

Thomas-Krenn presents the “Proxmox Ceph HCI”, and thus expands its Portfolio of Hyper-converged systems to a flexible and configurable solution for the Open-Source virtualization system “Proxmox VE” in connection with the object storage “Ceph”.


The compact 1 RU Server with
The compact 1 RU Server with “AMD Epyc” and NVMe is suitable for the Open-Source virtualization by using “Ceph” and “Proxmox”.

(Image: Thomas-Krenn AG)

The basic building blocks of the system compact, Rack-mount Server with a height unit (HE). Nevertheless, they provide space for redundant power supplies, each of eight NVMe SSDs, two SATA SSDs for the operating system and up to eight network Ports. Powered the Server by “Epyc”CPUs from AMD on Single-Socket motherboards.

In the basic Version, a processor of “Epyc 7402P” is included with 24 cores and 128 gigabytes of RAM per Server. The computers are upgradeable with CPUs up to 64 Cores (Epyc 7742) and 1 Terabyte of RAM.

For a highly available Hyper-Converged Cluster of at least three Server Nodes are necessary. The maximum Storage capacity is then 184 terabytes of gross, or 61 TB net, in the Proxmox recommended Triple replication.

The SSD capacities are between 960 GB and 7.6 TB per Disk.
The SSD capacities are between 960 GB and 7.6 TB per Disk.

(Image: Thomas-Krenn AG)

As NVMe-media high-performance, long-lasting Datacenter SSDs the Ultrastar-SD-series from Western Digital are available. The capacities are between 960 GB and 7.6 TB per Disk.

The Network Equipment

Due to the high Input/Output performance of the NVMe media, the Performance of the cluster is determined mainly by the network. Depending on requirements, customers have the choice here between a bandwidth of 10 Gigabit per second (GBit/s) up to 100 GBit/s. in Addition to the Onboard NICs on the motherboard can be installed in a compact Mezzanine network card and two Interfaces in the standard format.

The suitable matching Switches from Netgear and Mellanox in the Online Configurator to select. Because slower SATA SSDs price will have next to no advantages over NVMe-media, you can optimize the price-performance ratio of the HCI-cluster alone, by network I/O. NVMe SSDs offer sufficient reserves for future Expansion.

Users can expand the HCI System to meet growing needs at any time by Adding Nodes in the current operation. Proxmox allows the operation of up to 32 Nodes per Cluster.

Prices and Support

The prices start at 3.799 euros per Server Node, including CPU and RAM, plus Storage media, and network Interfaces.

For the Support by the Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH Thomas-Krenn recommends the acquisition of Proxmox VE subscriptions. However, they are not mandatory. In addition, the Server manufacturer offers the option of the initial installation and commissioning by the Consulting services of Thomas-Krenn as a service.