Peter Davies – Chief Editor

A Professional Blogger but an early learner, He loves to write articles on Technology, Entertainment news and other topics as well as and he Delivers always quality & Trusted Content to the audience. Email: [email protected]

Emily Campbell: Senior Journalist

Emily  is our Technical writer, He has a degree in Mass Communication & he loves to review and unboxing about the smartphones & Laptops. He is a Senior blogger at Email: [email protected]

Rose Sanderson : Senior Journalist

After Graduate from Sanskriti College, with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, He Joins Media to provide all the Breaking News worldwide through his blogging. He delivers content related to Tech news, sports, politics, Entertainment & more. Email:

Wendy Alsop : Contributing Author

Wendy graduates from Delhi with bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering, started his career in an IT Company, But Due to passion now he is following blogging & he loves to write about Tech, Sports and Entertainment News. Email: