A 5G phone is worth now? GIGA information

5G is finally here, but a big question is what drives consumers: is it Worth it now to a 5G to buy a mobile phone? We checked it out.

5G: Where is the LTE successor? And how fast is he?

5G is the future – but the fast transmission standard is not already present? Some Smartphone manufacturers equip the first models with a 5G module. But a cell phone with 5G’s worth it at all? We answer the most important questions on the topic in the Video.

5G-mobile: Is it now worth it?

Many technology companies advertise for some time now, with the mobile radio standard of the fifth Generation: 5G. In the spring of 2020, it came on the market. Many companies have since invested in the technology, is to provide a comprehensive and incredibly clamp wireless networking.

And probably eventually will. Although many Smartphone manufacturers to deploy devices with the new Standard, is not the technology nor the consumer. This is also due to the network coverage, which differs depending on the Region, is still solid. The question of the consumer: is it Worth at all to buy a 5G phone when it works in your own home perhaps even?

Many benefits, many concerns

The benefits of 5G are theoretically on the Hand: The mobile Internet is significantly faster than with LTE (4G). In the 5G Standard, data rates are promised with up to 20 Gigabit per second, with significantly reduced latency. Globally, up to 100 billion mobile devices at the same time be responsive.

The great promise: the 300 times the speed of 4G and no delay (latency) and more. Thus, such a Film could be in just a minute or two to download. What 5G can do, you can see in the above Video.

The doubts remain. And what is it. Only selected areas have so far about 5G-towers, which are not able to also transfer as far as the 4G towers. In addition, studies have shown that the user must be located not only close to the transmitter, but also in a direct line, in order to achieve the maximum speeds.

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Supremacy will not be able to take 5G, therefore, very probably as fast as expected.

This 5G Smartphones, there are

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G a mobile phone of a well-known manufacturer came out in 2019, that has a 5G module. In addition, a further 5G Smartphones are currently available in Germany:

  • Samsung Galaxys: S20 Ultra 5G, S20+ 5G, S20 5G, S20 FE 5G, Z Fold 2, Fold 5G, touch 20 Ultra 5G, touch 20 5G, touch 10+ 5G, S10 5G, A90 5G, A42 5G, A51 5G, A71 5G
  • Apple iPhones: 12 Mini, 12 and 12 a (Max)
  • Huawei Mobile Phones: Mate 40 Per, P40 Pro I Pro+, P40, Mate Xs, Mate X-Mate 30 Per, 20X 5G
  • One-Plus-Mobile Phones: 7 Pro 5G, 8, 8 Pro, 8t, North N10 5G
  • Xiaomi Phones: Mi 10T Per 5G, Mi 10T 5G, Mi 10T Lite 5G, Poco F2 Pro 5G, Mi 10, Mi 10, Mi 9 Pro 5G, Mi Mix 3 5G, Black Shark 3, Redmi K30 Per

Other manufacturers offering 5G Smartphones that are LG with the V50 ThinQ 5G, and Sony with the Xperia 1 II, Oppo and Nokia. Devices from ZTE or Realme, however, are not available in Germany.

The price is crucial

Smartphones will not automatically via Software Update 5G. Special antennas are necessary to be installed in the devices that made them more expensive currently.

After all, exactly that has changed in the year 2020, a little. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is no longer available for 650 euros, the 5G Version is around 700 Euro not so far away, alone, in the Ultra version costs just under 900.

And with the manufacturers, particularly from China new 5G smart phones came on the market, the offer, these prices are significantly lower. The Xiaomi Mi cost 10 Lite 5G only 350 Euro or less. A China manufacturer, presented in November, as he imagines the cell phone of the future. This is likely to bring the competition into a tight spot.

5G mobile phone buy? It’s time to wait

To buy a new phone in General is already a difficult decision. With the new mobile radio standard 5G and the new models of the manufacturer, you will be even more difficult. So is it worth to buy a 5G phone? It all seems to depend on how fast the Standard will prevail.

After all, some manufacturers have entered the market of 5G Smartphones that push the prices for the devices. It makes you faster, more affordable than you think. Now, it is the lack of network coverage, which allows the Hype to the reality of failure (read: So the 5G-networks in Germany). Remains the best in the Giga-to-date about what is happening in 2021, and announcing. Until then, a 5G phone is definitely not a Must.