It’s called self-confidence: After the separation of Huawei Honor makes the former parent company, is a real challenge. The new boss of the now independent manufacturer was now an Outlook on the future of Honor. Two Smartphone series from Huawei has set it apart.


A misfortune rarely comes alone: As if Huawei does not pay with falling sales and a crumbling rear would have to fight in the Chinese home market, the mobile phone manufacturers are now also strong competition from the Ex-daughter Honor.

Honor-chief combative: The Huawei overtake mobile phones

In an Interview with Honor-chief of Zhao Ming has set out now, what clients can expect in the near future by the group. Currently in development is a real flagship Smartphone, the Magic-numberthat should be later in the year will be presented. The focus should among other things, a attractive Design and AI functions not, where Ming explains exactly what is meant in concrete terms. Obvious, however, likely to be of use in the camera, as in the case of Samsung, Apple, and not least of all Huawei is the case. Artificial intelligence is the photos taken empower properly.

In the future, so MyFixGuide relying on Chinese sources, the wool of Magic series also P and Mate series, Huawei overtake. This is the announcement of a spectacular fight, after all, the two device series are the Best of what it has to offer, Huawei in the Smartphone market. In the prestigious Ranking of DxOMark three Huawei are represented among the top 5 best camera Smartphones-mobile phones.

What is the new Snapdragon 888 can:

Honor is another Huawei rival

Recently, it was already known that the Honors of the future Top-of-the Smartphone will have a Snapdragon 888 on Board and, thus, Qualcomm’s latest Top-processor. In addition, the manufacturer has been able to get several former Huawei Partner into the boat and go to work on it, the Google Apps, to bring back to his mobile phones. In addition to Samsung, Xiaomi, and Apple Huawei with Ex-daughter Honor now has another rival in the neck.