Who wants to buy a good and cheap Samsung phone, you can access next week at Aldi Nord. The fact that only a few weeks ago officially introduced Galaxy A12 is for sale at the absolute best price. GIGA tells you, for whom it is worth buying.

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Aldi Samsung Galaxy A12 sells for 119 Euro

Samsung has the Galaxy A12 just a few weeks ago officially introduced and it is in the case of Aldi Nord, a real hammer price sold. The Discounter wants to go for it anyway cheap Smartphone from the 25. March only 119 euros. The suggested retail price is $ 179. In free trade, the phone costs almost € 145. Aldi sets as usual Aldi Talk SIM card with 10 Euro credit for all of you, in the end, about 35 euros. In this price range so high Savings after only a few weeks already very unusual. Customers can rejoice, because this will get a good phone at a very affordable price.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 is priced at Aldi for only 119 euros, but still offers a good overall package. So, for example, big 5.000 mAh battery installed, which can be quickly recharged. A 15-Watt power supply Samsung with here, so buyers need not to Worry. Premium Features such as facial recognition and a fingerprint sensor you do not have to do without. There is even a Quad camera with 48 MP installed and there is no good quality to expect. It also has a large of 6.52-inch Display available NFC, so you can make contactless payments. The internal memory is only 32GB, but can be conveniently via microSD card. There are two SIM cards inserted, so that one is a bit more flexible. As the operating system, there are currently Android 10.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 in the Video:

For whom the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy A12 at Aldi’s worth it?

Basically for all those who want to have a solid and cheap Samsung phone with a big battery and Display. For 119 euros, the Galaxy A12 is Aldi Nord is a really good Deal. The Smartphone is brand new, so you can assume that it will continue to be supplied for many years with Updates. It is not suitable for those interested, the higher claims of the camera. We would recommend more of a Samsung Galaxy A51. This, however, is twice as expensive.