WhatsApp is planning a major Change that it was not so yet in the Messenger. This new feature, you must comply, otherwise you can no longer use WhatsApp. GIGA has the Details for you.

WhatsApp wants to send you messages

In WhatsApp a small, but significant Change is underway. So far, the Messenger, new features, and new features to the App on your own Blog, social channels, and YouTube has announced Videos. In the future, you will be informed directly in the App about it – at least that is the Plan, the WABetaInfo pre has unveiled. In a private area will be shown when WhatsApp introduced a new feature. Who is not informed otherwise on new features in Messenger, it gets there informed. Such a direct communication with the users, there has never been. Makes perfect sense, because it reaches all users, using WhatsApp really.

Thus, the function can be implemented, must agree to the user terms of use. In the Leak, a exact date is mentioned. The Change occurs at the 8. February 2021 in force. Anyone who does not agree to the new terms and conditions, can no longer use WhatsApp. So a step it was, so far, also in WhatsApp. Normally, you agree to the terms and conditions of use only during Installation and is then informed about Changes that are to be accepted passively, by using the App. The Change, however, has a major impact on WhatsApp, you must agree to the App is active.

These tips & Tricks should WhatsApp each users will be familiar with:

WhatsApp introduces many new features

WhatsApp has introduced in the last few weeks, many of the new features that are really useful and a significant improvement of the Messengers present. Just a few days ago WhatsApp has integrated more background images for Chats. In addition, you can miss out on any Chat private image. Prior to that, the opportunity for flow was introduced at the end of messages and a function that can give you free up disk space.