Avon River Ventures LLC Announces Successful Intellectual Property Valuation of Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.’s IP Portfolio

San Francisco, California, 5th February 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Avon River Ventures LLC is a leading Asset-Backed Lending firm that collateralizes Tangible and Intangible Assets to disburse non-dilutive funding to companies across North America, Asia, and Europe. Avon River Ventures is thrilled to announce the completion of an Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation for Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc., the foremost pioneer in Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing technology and intellectual property for residential and enterprise wireless applications. This valuation stands as a significant milestone in Edgewater’s ongoing journey and shines a spotlight on the extraordinary worth of its core IP assets. Edgewater boasts an undeniable competitive edge: Unleashing Wi-Fi with ten times the speed and half the latency for ALL devices, whether legacy or cutting-edge.

The IP Assets have been independently assessed at between US$90M and US$180M for the entire portfolio. Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Edgewater is an innovation-driven, fabless semiconductor and IP licensing company with a remarkable portfolio of 26 granted patents, trade secrets and groundbreaking Spectrum Slicing technology that reshapes Wi-Fi performance across residential, enterprise, and prosumer applications. Edgewater’s product lineup includes WiFi Spectrum Slicing-powered chipsets, Access Points, reference designs, IP licensing and technology transfer capabilities.

Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing represents a technological leap forward by enabling multiple concurrent links (or channels) within a given coverage area using standards-compliant WiFi. Edgewater’s patented and standards-leading approach to Wi-Fi finds ideal applications in environments with a high density of clients or access points, making it highly relevant for enterprise, residential, and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

With the evolution to the WiFi7 standard and beyond, multi-link/channel capabilities are becoming foundational to delivering next-generation Wi-Fi performance. Building on the company’s work with CableLabs on the Dual-Channel Wi-Fi(™) standard, WiFi7 includes the marquee feature Multi-Link Operation (MLO), which allows a single WiFi7 client to concurrently use connections across multiple bands and quickly switch between them. Like the load-balancing techniques used in wired Ethernet connections, MLO can significantly improve performance and reliability. However, we believe MLO’s requirement for more links/channel capacity on access points makes Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing an essential feature for enterprise, residential and Industrial IoT applications.

Of paramount importance, including Spectrum Slicing in WiFi7 and the upcoming WiFi8 silicon solutions presents Service Providers and vendors with a field-proven method to deliver performance gains of 10x or more and half the latency for ALL devices – a development set to impact the more than 20 billion Wi-Fi devices deployed globally.

No other approach offers such promise for deployed and future networks.

IP Valuation by Avon River Ventures LLC

Avon River Ventures LLC, a renowned asset-backed lender and IP valuation firm, conducted an exhaustive IP valuation analysis for Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. A team of seasoned IP specialists meticulously evaluated the Fair Market Value (FMV) of Edgewater Wireless Inc.’s IP assets, culminating in a US$90 to US$180M valuation for the entire portfolio. Edgewater’s high-quality patent families in advanced interference mitigation and wireless performance improvements are compared strongly against major semiconductor players. This valuation serves as a resounding testament to the immense value of Edgewater’s intellectual property and the groundbreaking technology and innovative solutions it brings to Wi-Fi technology. With a robust IP portfolio and a relentless commitment to advancing Wi-Fi performance, Edgewater is solidly poised to sustain its growth and leadership in the industry.

The successful IP Valuation conducted by Avon River Ventures LLC reaffirms Edgewater’s stature as an industry trailblazer in Wi-Fi technology and intellectual property development. This valuation underscores the Company’s IP assets, substantial valuation, and potential for continued triumph in the dynamic and burgeoning global communications market. Edgewater Wireless and Avon River Ventures eagerly anticipate a future of sustained collaboration and innovation in wireless technology.

For more details on Avon River Ventures’ IP valuation and IP-backed financing products, please visit www.avonriverventures.com

About Edgewater Wireless

We make Wi-Fi Better.

Edgewater Wireless (www.edgewaterwireless.com) is the industry leader in innovative Spectrum-Slicing Technology for residential and commercial wireless applications. Their advanced Wi-Fi silicon solutions, Access Points, and IP licensing cater to the high-density and high-quality-of-service requirements of service providers and their clientele. With 26 granted patents, Edgewater’s multi-channel, single-radio technology redefines Wi-Fi, delivering the next generation of Wi-Fi capabilities today.

Edgewater’s Spectrum Slicing at the physical layer division allows a frequency band to be carved into slices, enabling multiple radios to function within a given area. Consider Spectrum Slicing transitioning from a single-lane road to a multi-lane highway, irrespective of the Wi-Fi technology. A recently conducted Proof of Concept (PoC) collaboration with a major Tier 1 Service Provider showcased performance gains of 7 to 18 times in 75% of surveyed homes. Interestingly, homes with the most devices witnessed the most substantial improvements.

For further details, please visit www.edgewaterwireless.com.

About Avon River Ventures LLC

Avon River Ventures LLC is an independent venture funding group within the asset-backed lending space disbursing non-dilutive funding between $1,000,000 and $50,000,000 for companies rich with tangible and intangible assets.

Avon River Ventures LLC undertook a comprehensive IP Valuation for Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. Their seasoned team of IP Specialists conducted a scrupulous assessment of the Fair Market Value (FMV) of Edgewater Wireless System Inc.’s IP Assets, resulting in a valuation of $180,963,958 for the entire portfolio.

Avon River Ventures specializes in appraising both intangible and tangible assets, providing financial solutions that acknowledge the growing significance of intellectual property in today’s knowledge-driven economy. The firm’s proficiency in IP-backed Financing and patent sales underscores its profound understanding of the value of intellectual property in the modern business landscape.

To learn more about Avon River Ventures’ IP Valuation Practices, please visit: https://avonriverventures.com/intellectual-property-ip-valuation/

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