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In the fight against climate change, the technology company Microsoft is now on the Blockchain technology.

The issue of environmental protection has been on the Agenda of Microsoft. Already in the year 2020 announced the companythat it will, by 2030, its own CO2 footprint disappear. In addition, the company wants to eliminate the entire carbon, it made since 1975, out, again.

Rain Network, a marketplace for climate solutions, published on 31. January Press release with respect to a collaboration with Microsoft. With the purchase of carbon credits, Microsoft is now going a step further to achieve its climate goals. Together with the rain Network, the Cosmos Blockchain-based, was Microsoft’s first “Carbon Plus Grassland-credits“ at two Ranches in the Australian New South Wales.

The carbon credits serve as a measure of the sequestration, the storage of toxins in the soil. Positive side-effects would be, according to the rain Network in areas of the Ecosystem, animal welfare and soil health monitor. The company said that the managed grazing to reverse soil degradation, carbon sequestration and improve soil and vegetation could improve the quality. The soil organic carbon concentration could increase by 4.5 percent. Christian Shearer, CEO of rain Network, found in the press release words of praise to the Initiative:

Our cooperation with Impact Ag and Wilmot Cattle Co makes us more hopeful than ever that agricultural and nature-based solutions for climate change only real, but also have the potential to capture carbon rapidly and to strengthen our resilience. The extent to which Microsoft is buying carbon credits, should give us all hope that the business can be a catalyst for change and is.

Originally, the Initiative of the natural capital Impact AG was launched before Microsoft bought this and the issuance of credits to spend. Shearer said, however, that he wished to pursue the “natural approaches to tackling climate change,” even after this project.