Bitcoin Investment? The question is not whether, but how much

Bitcoin is the best performing Asset in the history of mankind. Why a Portfolio admixture of BTC can improve the Performance and what should investors.

“Don’t tell me what you’re thinking, but let me see your Portfolio.” This best seller assumes author Nassim Taleb, the normative force of Conviction. You could also Put your money where your mouth is saying:“.” While Bitcoiners are probably invested a double-digit percentages of your portfolio in BTC, at conservative investors tend to lower values. But what proportion is the right one?

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Well, hard to say. But in any case, to hold A Portfolio that includes zero percent of Bitcoin makes no sense. Bitcoin is the best Asset in the history of mankind. Up-to-date annual growth in the average is 200 percent. And it is also relatively uncorrelated Assets, such as shares or bonds. Diversification with BTC is so useful.

The perfect Portfolio

The Bitcoin Data Service Provider Ecoinometricsa Newsletter that deals weekly with the relevant metrics in the Bitcoin network, has worn the returns of a more or less high Bitcoin allocation.

Anyone who has held during the past eight years, 100 percent of its assets in the digital Gold, was an annualized increase in the value of 100 percent. Such All-in-Position is recommended, however, only for Bitcoiners that are able to be part of year-long bear markets through. Finally, the crypto market has corrected within the last eight years, twice significantly. Most recently in the period from December 2017 to December 2018. In the last bear market, the price of the largest cryptocurrency slipped by market capitalisation of just under US $ 20,000 (USD) to 3,000 USD. A course correction of as much as 89 percent.

Thirst routes such as this to wash the so-called “Weak Hands”, so a Trader, which focus mainly on short-term profits out of the market. Left the Hodler, the can stock up in bear markets, then typically cheap Sats remain.

Admixture reduces volatility

A less aggressive Portfolio composition can reduce the risk associated with volatile Assets such as Bitcoin, clearly. Who is about 50 per cent of his portfolio in Bitcoin and the Rest of the S&P 500, so a well-known U.S.-shares index, reduced his return to “only” 63 percent, averaged over eight years. The value of the portfolio decreased to a maximum of 58 percent. For long-term investors who do not want to see their assets within one year of almost 90 percent, is this Portfolio, the more solid choice.


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Even risk-averse investors should consider an Investment in Bitcoin, writes Ecoinometrics. With 34 percent of Bitcoin, 33 percent of the S&P 500, as well as 33 percent of the Gold, you always reach 43 percent return in eight years. The maximum waste, fraud, according to Ecoinometrics only 45 percent, even if BTC corrects to 89 percent.

In summary, you can so, the Bitcoin Position to say: the bigger, the higher the return. Bitcoin Performance since the Halving can be quite impressive.

At the same time, the risk increases with the percentage of the size of the BTC Position.

So there is no magic number, but by wise Portfolio constellations a good Mix of risk and reward to get. Gold, the S&P 500 and Bitcoin are correlated more or less with each other. Especially in bull markets show a downward correlation to competing Assets. A Bitcoin Investment is twice as attractive. Finally, uncorrelated Assets to reduce the risk of the portfolio as a whole. In addition, Bitcoin is still at the beginning of its monetization potential for growth is so good.

How much percentage of your assets you should invest in BTC, can not say in General. But one thing is clear: to leave Bitcoin in the Portfolio, except for Eight is negligent.