Bitcoin market capitalization is now bigger than Facebook

The American entrepreneur and the CEO of the software producer MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, declared in a YouTube Interview, why Bitcoin is a better investment opportunity than stocks of Tech companies.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor sees in Bitcoin a better investment opportunity than Tech companies. This is the essence of a Interviewsthe crypto-connoisseur recently. Therein Saylor says that it would be better to invest in the digital memory, as in the shares of Tech giants like Facebook, Amazon or Apple. Exactly he said:

I have invested in everything, I was an early Investor in Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, OpenTable, eBay, and PayPal. And I gained huge amounts of money. I gained 10 times, 20 times my money back, and let me tell you: None of them looks as good as this (Bitcoin, editor’s note. d. Red.) for me looks like.

The American businessman is with its software vendor MicroStrategy as the first institutional Investor in Bitcoin. In August 2020, the company announced the first $ 250 million in the crypto-currency to invest. In December of last year, the company invested in Virginia twice in BTC. So you bought initially, 400 million dollars. Then, at the end of the month, 650 million. Thus, the U.S. has invested more than a billion dollars in the value memory.

Michael Saylor invested in Bitcoin

In a published in September YouTube Interview with Anthony Pompliano, the CEO revealed that he had recognized early that the value of conventional money diminishes steadily.

The Problem is that I have a lot of cash and watch as it melts away.

He further said about Bitcoin-investors who formerly would have detected this problem:

You are not smarter than me, I’m joking, I’m serious, you’re smarter than I am. Did you know before me that cash is trash, and that one is a fool, if you are sitting on cash.

Now Michael Saylor is considered one of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin.