Cardano (ADA) and Filecoin (FIL) are rising rapidly: The behind

While the price of Bitcoin is licking the wounds from yesterday’s sell-off, put Cardano and Filecoin, a veritable rally. The Market Update.

The crypto market after the recent correction under a green sign. The price of Bitcoin could bounce off yesterday still in full correction mode – at the 24-hour Low of $ 53,000 USD and is to the editorial deadline for 55,249 US Dollar. Although the market capitalization of Bitcoin the mark of a trillion-continues to defend the sovereign of dollars, the Bitcoin dominance continues the downward trend that had begun at the beginning of the year. Responsible for: Cardano (ADA).

Cardano (ADA) are in luck: Coinbase Listing high for new all-time

Driven by bullish news from the development Department has increased sevenfold Cardano its market capitalization since the beginning of the year. With 40 billion US-Dollar Cardano Binance Coin (BNB) has to be replaced again as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Today, ADA starts with a hefty price increase of over 20 percent in the European trading day.

Cardano course (ADA) since the beginning of the year. Source: BTC-ECHO / Coingecko

Key price driver is likely to be a message from Overseas: The U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase Pro has 16. March announced, Cardano (ADA) in the trading portfolio. Specifically, the ADA-trading on Coinbase Pro at 18. March 17:00 (CET) start – provided liquidity is sufficient.

At least in competition of the Cardano trade has increased since the Coinbase announcement massive. ADA in value of over USD 10 billion changed hands within the last 24 hours on Binance, Kraken, and co., the owner. Thus, the trading volume of ADA is increased within a day to about 120 percent of the Coinbase Listing seems to be under a good sign.

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Filecoin (FIL): rally due to the expiration of the first holding period?

Meanwhile, can come up within the Top-25 Coins in addition to Cardano also Filecoin with a full-day increase of 26 percent. With a price increase of 64 percent FIL is one of the Top performers of the past seven days. The background could be the end of the first waiting period for early investors: The Pre-Sale of the FIL, the so-called JUICE Token (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) had investors the opportunity to choose one of four possible holding periods (Vesting Periods):

  • 58 % of the JUICE tokens are linear, released over 3 years.
  • 5 % of the JUICE tokens are linearly released over 2 years.
  • 15 % of the JUICE tokens are linearly released about 1 year.
  • 22 % of the JUICE tokens are linear, released over 6 months.

The start time of the Launch of the Filecoin network, marked on may 15. October 2020. The Linear distribution means that the JUICE investors in Token of their “reserved” FIL receive all at once, but in proportion with each Block to the end of the holding period. On 15. April ends with the first Vesting Period, reducing the amount of Filecoin units that come on the market, is reduced.

The planned total Supply of two billion FIL 7.5 percent for the JUICE investors reserved. Within the first six months since the Filecoin Launch a total of 10.1 million FIL a monthly distributed to the JUICE investors. This High-style value lies in the fact that a Filecoin JUICE was sold at a price of 1 USD. Not a bad Deal when you consider that Filecoin at the time of writing beyond the $ 60 is. With each Expiration of a holding period, the distributions of JUICE will decline to investors. After the 15. April will still flow around 4.6 million FIL JUICE-investors, in the last stage, you will receive approximately 2.4 million FIL per month.


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