Challenges for the storage industry

Huawei expands OceanStor range
Challenges for the storage industry

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As part of the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum (IDI), Huawei has identified current challenges for the storage industry. In addition, the manufacturer announced updates for its OceanStor Pacific, OceanStor Dorado and OceanProtect Backup Storage product lines.

Huawei sees the storage industry facing challenges in the face of increasing amounts of data.
Huawei sees the storage industry facing challenges in the face of increasing amounts of data.

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In view of the increasing amounts of data, storage technologies have difficulty keeping up with the development. For the storage industry, this means four major challenges, as Huawei Vice President Dr. Peter Zhou notes: “Firstly, there are not enough workload solutions for emerging applications such as distributed databases, big data, AI and HPDA (high-performance data analytics) applications,” he explains.

Secondly, the acceleration of data services requires faster real-time data analysis and processing to improve production efficiency and ease of use. Third, higher data protection standards are necessary to ward off frequent and loss-making data attacks. “And finally, we need innovative environmentally friendly solutions for data storage to increase their energy efficiency,” says Zhou.

OceanStor-Pacific Series upgraded

At the IDI Forum, Huawei also announced an update to its OceanStor Pacific distributed storage solution. These include a disaster recovery solution for several active data centers and converged storage for data lakehouses. The OceanStor-Pacific series is designed to meet the requirements of applications such as HPDA, big data and mass data backup and archiving. The SmartBalance system design improves the efficiency of hybrid workloads.

In maximum expansion, the OceanStor-Pacific series reaches up to 160 gigabytes per second of bandwidth, 6.4 million IOPS and 640,000 OPS. The systems accommodate up to 120 hard drives in a 5U enclosure. Thanks to 22+2 High Ratio Erasure Coding, disk density and disk space utilization are optimized. Huawei also introduced updates for its all-flash products OceanStor Dorado and OceanProtect Backup Storage: a container storage solution, a ransomware protection storage system and a data center storage toolkit are now available here.


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