Clan of Creatures aka COC NFT collection is ready to skyrocket

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Tel Aviv, Israel, 7th Sep 2022 (King NewsWire) – Clan of Creatures aka COC is a collection of 4578 NFTs created by a rising comic book brand and inspired by upcoming animated film series. The art of the COC NFT collection is created by Jozef who is also known as the Stan Lee of Web 3.0 and the analysis of the white paper along with the vision behind COC studios shows that COC Studio will surpass Marvel and DC in the coming decades. Meanwhile, the COC NFT collection will surpass BAYC NFTs within a couple of years!

A Brief Glance at COC Studio

COC studio is the studio of the future! Let’s explain it with the example of Marvel and DC studios. Both of these studios, Marvel and DC, started by printing comics on the paper in form of newspapers or comic books. However, as time passed, they explored further into movies and created or expanded Marvel and DC Universe. Indeed, it was a tough and long journey for Marvel and DC comics to shift from paper to movies and further. Luckily, COC studio will not have to go through the same long path due to the dawn of Web 3.0!

The expansion of the online world into Web 3.0 will completely change the way the public participates in the world of entertainment. Therefore, the studio that will be ready and able to take advantage of this new major shift of Web 3.0 will be the successful studio of the future. This opportunity is capitalized by COC studio and it is moving forward to strengthen its position in the futuristic world of Web 3.0.

COC studio is about to launch a COC NFT collection that will enable fans to hold NFTs of their favorite characters of the COC Universe. Furthermore, it is launching complete seasons of animated series wherein each season will have twelve episodes and each episode will be of about ten to fifteen minutes. On top of that, the studio will keep creating digital content around COC comic books and COC Universe to build the world’s biggest and most well-connected community under the brand of COC.

A Dive into COC Universe and COC NFT Collection

COC NFT collection is a perfect blend of beauty and horror consisting of 4578 stunning NFTs that invaded the Solana blockchain to get revenge from humans on Earth. The story behind these NFTs is the foundation of the COC universe and COC comics. It all started when humans sent a signal in 1969 toward a particular satellite but the signal missed the target due to a calculation mistake. Instead of the satellite, the signal touched the surface of Planet Kepler creating the biggest tragedy in the universe.

The calculation mistake of the signal results in the destruction of the ecosystem on Planet Kepler and its habitants. The habitants of Planet Kepler were very kind, loving, and understanding and used to believe in co-existence. However, after the impact of the signal, these inhabitants turned into dark and evil creatures who feed on the pain and suffering of others. 

Hence, the ruler of Planet Kepler known as the Sovereign decides to take revenge on humans, and therefore, the creatures invade the Earth and launch multiple campaigns to destroy the earth. Against this backdrop, the story, comics, NFT collection, and movies are presented to the public. 

Utility of COC NFTs

Clan of Creature’s NFT collection is entirely different from all of the other NFT collections. It provides the perfect blend of entertainment, utility, and future value. 

The entertainment part of the NFTs will come from the digital content that will be offered to the NFT holders in advance. It consists of comic books, animated series, and even movies in the future! Consider, being invited to the premiere of the most hyped movie! There will be several exclusive entertainment perks for the NFT holders according to the decisions taken at DAO. 

However, the ride does not stop here! COC NFT collection will offer various profitable utility features to NFT holders. The NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs! Moreover, they can have access to exclusive Merch that will be offered to the community around COC. On top of that, various secret collaborations are about to be materialized very soon to increase the utility of the COC NFT collection.

If all of that was not enough, then the biggest perk of being part of the COC NFT collection is the future value of the brand and NFT collection. The brand of the COC is on the trajectory to become the next billion-dollar brand within a couple of years! Let’s have a sneak peek at the future of the COC brand!  

Future of COC Studios and NFT Collection

The future of COC studios is bright because it holds all the right cards at the right moment. The world is entering into the space of Web 3.0 and therefore, the opportunities created by Web 3.0 will bring forward the next billion-dollar brands. COC brand will be one of these billion-dollar brands due to the projects of COC studios and its NFT collection. Furthermore, the team behind COC studios has all the talent, vision, and expertise that are required to make it a success story.

Hence, there will be three key ingredients that will ensure the bright future of the COC studio and NFT collection. First, the COC brand has figured out a way to create a perfect blend of comics, NFTs, utility, and entertainment. Second, the team behind COC is the ideal team, and therefore, the creator of the NFT collection is being famous as the Stan Lee of Web 3.0. Lastly and most importantly, the community around the brand of COC is becoming stronger with each day and this strong connection between the brand and community will be the key ingredient to success!

COC NFT collection is one of the projects of COC studios that will disrupt the scene in NFTs, comics, and movies by combining the forces of Web 3.0 and comics. You can learn more by joining the COC discord or following the official COC Twitter handle

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Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Binary News Network and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. If you are affiliated with this page and would like it removed please contact [email protected]

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