Clever Trick to keep users at the bar

If you don’t agree, flies out: The new terms of use have introduced WhatsApp a storm of indignation. Now the Messenger, declared for the first time, in Detail, what happens after the closing date with the Objectors. To stop the users of shrinkage, uses WhatsApp a clever trick.

Until 15. May have to agree to a WhatsApp user, the new terms and conditions of use of the Messengers, which provide for, among other things, the exchange of data with parent company Facebook. Who has not consented to by then, and should no longer be able to use WhatsApp, at least after a short grace period. The will, however, probably have less to do with mercy, as with business interests.

WhatsApp granted to conscientious Objectors have a period of grace

On demand TechCrunchwhat exactly to expect unwilling users after the date referred WhatsApp on a new FAQ pagethat describes the exact procedure. There it says that WhatsApp users, according to the 15. May be thrown out if they refuse acceptance of the new terms and conditions of use. However, the full access to WhatsApp to be limited: “You’re going to receive for a short time, calls and notifications, but in the messages, read which can send,” it says.

In order WhatsApp a Psychological trick to keep users on the rod. Who continues to receive messages and calls, so apparently the thought of not leaving the Messenger, perhaps, but – and right afterwards. Exactly how long this Transition period is supposed to stop, is in the FAQ document is not specified. Normally, the WhatsApp deletes inactive users after a period of 120 days. There should be no new rules are likely to objectors to the new terms are thrown at the latest in mid-September, made completely from WhatsApp to get out.

This WhatsApp Tricks still not everybody knows:

New WhatsApp terms and conditions of use is a PR Disaster

The new terms and conditions of use of WhatsApp to a PR Disaster have developed, and was already seen in the last week. There WhatsApp went on the Offensive, and spoke of “misinformation” and “misunderstanding”, the wool enlighten the Messenger. Only a few days later, the new grace period now. The last Chapter in the history should not be written.