Did you know it? The Bluetooth Logo is a secret message

In the Bluetooth Logo is a secret message, which is only accessible to the initiated is. The story behind the “B” stands for more than you may initially think. The main role of an old king and two Scandinavian countries play.

Bluetooth is an indispensable part of modern life. The wireless transmission standard combines a comfortable way to electrical appliances of all kinds for more than 20 years. That was all the time contain a secret message in the Logo, but only a few.

Bluetooth: the story of The Danish king with a rotten Tooth

Because what looks at first glance like a pointed-shaped “B”, is, in truth, the Combination of two old Norse runesfor H and B. This is not about how Creative Bloq citing France 24 reported. The initials H and B for Harald Gormsson – a Danish king who has attained particularly for the Union of Norway and Denmark fame.

Source: Intel Free Press (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The the two developers Sven Mattisson and Jim Kardach chosen as the namesake for the wireless standard, because in the case of Bluetooth, it also has to do with the “Union” of devices. And why Bluetooth? This was the nickname Gormssons, to go back to a theory on a rotten Tooth from him or a taste for blueberries. Anyone who suspects that alcohol was in the game, is located to the right place: “We had a couple of Beers and Jim is interested in history. We then started to talk about the Vikings“to Mattisson.

What you should know before buying Bluetooth speakers:

Name “Bluetooth” should only be used as an interim solution

Interesting Bluetooth was not intended as a permanent name for the wireless transmission standard, which is not surprising in the case of the crazy story about the name of determination. The Name should only be used as an interim solutionuntil you found something better. This has become known as nothing, and since 1998, the Bluetooth has a success story the same and the technology simplifies the life of hundreds of millions of people around the world today.