Digital robot as a Savior of the Work-Life Balance?

Trend 2021 Digital robot as a Savior of the Work-Life Balance?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is now no longer new, many companies use this technology to automate routine tasks. So Dos how to Retrieve or Copy the data of the past by RPA monotonous To.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to support companies in their Digital Transformation.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to support companies in their Digital Transformation.

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By using Intelligent Automation can be used to lift companies, their automation initiatives to a new Level. It is Essentially about processes in the business operation is fully automated. Technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial intelligence (AI) support. However, as will develop Intelligent Automation in the year 2021 more?

1. The next focal point for RPA are Business Workflows

In the year 2021 will be all Business Workflows. The call for the Digital Transformation, grows, and provides for streamlined, smooth procedures, to the delight of both customers and employees. In order to achieve this, aim companies are increasingly intelligent RPA-solutions. Since there are still many processes in the company – if at all – only partially automated. It is, therefore, that the RPA go-to technology in the future more usable. It is important to Supplement them with additional features, including, for example, process orchestration, or Cognitive Capture. The only way a business can, for example, critical Workflows, end-to-end automation.

2. Automation prioritize – the DNS of high-quality Workflows

Companies are based on processes including sequential tasks, such as Onboarding of employees, the accounting processing or the approval of documents. All of these processes are part of a complex business process. Workflows can also be used as the intellectual property of any business call. The DNA is coded, so that all things be smarter, faster, better, and more cost-effective. But not all processes are the same. In the year 2021, it is, therefore, mainly concerned with those automations to give priority to, which will bring the fastest Benefits. These are Workflows whose DNS has the following characteristics:

  • Document Intelligence: Workflows, in which companies apply features of cognitive recognition and Artificial intelligence, to automate the information concerned processes, to extract and to gain insight into the data.
  • Process orchestration: Workflows with orchestration of digital workflows in collaboration with users, systems and data.
  • Related Systems: Workflows that involve multiple business critical systems, enterprise applications, Legacy and mobile systems, chat bots, and more – to both internal and external business processes related.

3. The path to collaboration and automation platforms

Even before the outbreak of Covid-19 companies have been trying desperately to strengthen cooperation and Innovation through the use of intelligent office equipment or innovative office design. Open floor plans, expensive espresso machines and electronic Whiteboards are only a few things to help employees be more agile, and more competitive labor and ways of thinking to develop. Now it comes to employees and customers “virtually” present. Because the Digital Transformation has proven successful as a means to improve employee productivity and customer experiences. Organizations that use digital means – for example, collaboration tools such as Zoom, or Microsoft team up to automation tools (Intelligent Automation, financial process automation, and enterprise-wide Output Management) – are at the forefront. Companies that are stuck in analog strategies and business models that are falling back further and further. This Trend will accelerate in the coming year and also, according to the home office staff to the office are returned, continue.

4. Digital employees are the new colleagues

In your quest to be more efficient and productive, companies have driven their employees frequently about their load limit. People are working faster, harder and more efficiently than ever before. Nevertheless, this is not enough for the ever-changing market still. Companies choose new, digital counterparts to discontinue their use, they were afraid, for a long time – will occur for employees at the end of a discharge. In the year 2021, the digital robots as the Savior of the Work-Life can be referred to Balance. Through these colleagues, the production capacity can increase while people don’t need to do more longer repetitive, boring work. By new, digital capabilities, companies can gain a competitive advantage and promote agility.

5. Citizen Developer to accelerate the dynamics of Digital Transformation

The effort, automation in businesses, has been greatly accelerated by IT, as well as technology initiatives. The emergence of intuitive, intelligent automation platforms will enable the heads of the business segments, however, is to focus automation efforts on certain strategic business results. Employees are, therefore, developers to Citizen. These are increasingly working with the IT and use intelligent automation to transform, in particular, information-intensive Workflows. This in turn promotes agility, reduces technical debt and accelerate the Time-to-Value. This model is to find imitation.

6. Companies are increasingly buying Ecosystems

In the year 2020, integrated intelligent automation platforms as the preferred method have emerged, the results of the digital Workflow-promote Transformation. This One-Stop-Shop platforms with pre-integrated, complementary automation technologies provide all the features and the AI for a quick automation, results and a reduction of the technical debt is necessary. Nevertheless, the 80/20 percent rule still applies. This means that companies will always have individual requirements, the adjustments to these platforms is required. In the year 2021 will establish, therefore, Ecosystems is the most important resource to close this gap. Platform providers have a wide network of technologies, applications, and services. This work within their dynamic, open and integrated architectures, and in addition provide access to a network of services, prefabricated connectors, templates, and solutions. So will leave companies are increasingly relying on such Ecosystems, in order to obtain the desired results and to achieve the desired automation results.

7. 5G data: The next big thing?

5G is also in Germany more and with the new speed, the amount of data will grow. In 2021, companies will be offset thanks to 5G are increasingly able to transmit exponentially more data than ever to collect and analyze. Thus, the business strategy and decision-making forward. Companies that are able to be this flood of data, to digitize and business insights to transform, have a big advantage. You should have however, the required documents and data intelligence technology to convert unstructured data that are locked within the 5G-Transfers, in structured data collections.

AI and Cognitive Capture will be key to classify documents and data. This applies, for example, the extraction of content from financial documents. Organisations that collect the data, reach a new level of performance. Those who are not prepared, will go in the data flood.

8. Embedded AI accelerates the automation of success and reduces the technical debt

In the year 2021, the embedded AI continues its success. AI, which is integrated into smart automation technologies, is considered essential to achieve the digital Workflow Transformation. It is no longer the sole domain of Data scientists in large organizations, but in 2021 in the General mass. Machine Learning (ML), natural language processing (Natural Language Processing), intelligent optical character recognition (Intelligent Optical Character Recognition, OCR) will give the Citizen developers with the opportunity to achieve a Transformation of work processes. This not only increases the level of productivity significantly, but accelerated the work of the entire company.

It is shown so: In the coming year, the automation will bring the company forward. This is also necessary, in order not to be behind the competition to fall back. Intelligent Automation ensures that companies today can work in the morning.

Liz Benson
Senior Strategy Director at Kofax