Ernesto Schmutter gives up management

Change of leadership
MRM Distribution: Ernesto Schmutter leaves Management

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With Christian Bedel, MRM Distribution gets a new Managing Director. Ernesto Schmutter will hand over the business on July 1, 2022. He will continue to be available as an external consultant for the strategic growth topics.

Christian Bedel will take over the Management of MRM Distribution as of July 1, 2022.
Christian Bedel will take over the Management of MRM Distribution as of July 1, 2022.

(Image: MRM Distribution )

Christian Bedel, who has been responsible for all sales in Europe and abroad as Director Sales since the founding of MRM Distribution, will take over the management of the distributor from July, replacing Ernesto Schmutter.

“In mid-2022, we will see the MRM so consolidated and standing on its own two feet that it will give me the opportunity to devote myself to new tasks. Christian Bedel is an extremely competent, experienced manager and recognized successor who can take over the business seamlessly. I am sure that he will continue to shape the success story of MRM,“ says Schmutter.

Schmutter first joined MRM Distribution in 2019 as Chairman of the Advisory Board and shortly thereafter also assumed operational responsibility as CEO in order to establish the distributor in the IT channel. Today, MRM is a recognized player in the field of remarketing as a special distributor for used software. in 2021, MRM launched the acquisition brand .

Ernesto Schmutter will continue to advise MRM Distribution.
Ernesto Schmutter will continue to advise MRM Distribution.

(Image: MRM Distribution )

Christian Bedel has been with MRM since its founding in 2017 and previously worked for Ingram Micro, Haufe Lexware and Microsoft. “I consider it a privilege to be able to take this next logical step in my career with MRM. The distribution business with used software is so well received that we have been able to win over 4,700 resellers as customers in recent years. On this basis and with our passionate team, I would like to continue to help MRM Distribution achieve exponential growth. I am also very pleased that we will not lose Ernesto even for the time after his departure – he will continue to be available to us as an external consultant on strategic growth topics with his expertise,“ says Bedel.


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