Fireworks ban? Bitcoin (BTC) ignite course fireworks

In spite of a subdued new year’s eve mood, Bitcoin is already the champagne corks pop and the cards for a promising 2021.

On the final stretch to the $ 30,000 mark the price of Bitcoin (BTC) puts a hasty end-of-year rally. With a Plus of 4.4 percent in the last 24 hours, the largest crypto-currency is quoted to the editorial deadline in 27.986 US Dollar and therefore only a few meters from the stage away. Durbricht Bitcoin the next higher resistance at 29.726 US dollars, is a direct increase over the ten thousand mark only a matter of form.

Even if Bitcoin should first bounce on the resistance, the provisional end-of-year balance, more than see. Reminder: Bitcoin is only just over 7,000 US started Dollar in the new decade. Almost 12 months later, the digital currency recorded a year plus of around 280 per cent. The crypto-reserve currency in 2020 made abundantly clear to her immense potential, and the roadmap for the coming year set. Because both at the network level, as well as with a view to market trends such as the increasing demand among big investors, the signs are also in 2021 on growth.

Bitcoin Shortage

The limited BTC supply is reduced gradually, at the latest, since the large-scale purchases of institutional investors, an open secret. Alone on the account so illustrious buyers such as asset managers, Grayscale, Software company MicroStrategy, or payment service provider Square, according to go bitcoin treasuries in total, approximately 5.5 percent of the total quantity in Circulation. Payment giant PayPal, with the mixes since the introduction of the BTC-Integration in the Bezahlapp properly on the market and buy more Bitcoin, as a new fed.

Even for the layman, it is evident that The market is bubbling over. The BTC needs of institutional investors exceeds the of miners newly generated Supply. Added to all retail investors, which provide, in turn, increased demand. Thus, the available supply amount is gradually, what drives the price at the time of continuing high demand in the height shrinks.


With a view to the fall in Bitcoin-reserves of the great trading places this correlation is illustrated particularly vividly. Since March, the stock market dropped stocks by roughly 20 percent and this trend is not in sight.

How the Blockchain analysts of Glassnode in the current Week-on-chain-report notice, this development means that the trade is actually available BTC amount gradually melts.

It is not only to be expected that a considerable amount of mined BTC is lost forever (we estimate this number to 3 million BTC), but since Bitcoin is becoming more and more a store of value, and investors increasingly hodln to save assets, it is expected that the actual “liquid” Bitcoin-the offer is significantly lower.

It is estimated that a share of 22 percent and thus, almost 4.2 million Bitcoin-of the total circulation quantity for the purchase and sale. More than 1 Million BTC have been taken, therefore, in 2020, from the market.

This Trend draw “a potentially bullish picture for Bitcoin in the coming months, because less BTC in the network available for purchase”. Bitcoin starts under good auspices in the new year. The demand remains on the high level by 2020, is likely to be the bull cycle continuing for a long period of stretching. Bitcoin is therefore likely to have for Hodler in the next year, some aces up his Sleeve.


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