Google wants to finally realize what should have been years with Android and Chrome OS to be made. Both operating system should be significantly better integrated, so that the Interaction is optimized. Microsoft is ahead of Google in the point in the Rest of the world.

Chrome OS will soon be able to on the Android phone access

In fact, it sounds logical. Chrome OS is the Android to Google. Nevertheless, the two operating systems are only a few of the points are compatible and can access each other. Exactly according to XDA to change any time soon. Google to allow Chrome-OS-users at last, on the Android phone to access. Accordingly, under the name of “Eche” discovered project will allow you to mirror the screen of Android on Chrome OS, and to use the phone on a Chromebook.

This would bring Chromebooks with Chrome OS, of course, directly to a new Level and enable the Apps from your phone directly on the Chromebook to run. You don’t need to settle for a restricted Web App, but could directly use the Original from the Smartphone. Microsoft provides this function with “Your Phone”, and Samsung phones in the Other for a long time. It is Windows 10 and Android to be brought together. Google Chrome OS, and Android now, in fact, the two operating systems, Google, and this Interaction include step would be to long of a meaningful. Still, the feature is not in yet.

What is the new Android 11 can:

New feature for Pixel Smartphones from Google?

Now the question is which manufacturer will support this function at all, of course. Samsung does not need through the cooperation with Microsoft. Xiaomi, Huawei and other manufacturers do not build Chromebooks. In the end, Google therefore its Pixel could equip-mobile phones and the connection to Chromebooks restore. In Germany, these are not asked so far, anyway, really. In the US, on the other hand looks quite different. The feature could really make a lot of users happy, the cheap Chromebooks in everyday use.