Google steals in the case of Samsung, to the delight of mobile phone users

Google has given a first look at Android 12. The latest Version of the operating system comes with many small improvements. In an as yet hidden Feature you have copied obviously, Samsung, in order to make the operation of mobile phones more comfortable.

With Android 12 Google will be limited, at least so far, to fine sanding. The first developer preview, presented by the US-based group recently shows. A large focus is on new privacy settings, the users are supposed to give you more control over your data, as well as slightly revamped notifications, and Changes to the Navigation. In the run-up were speculating that the new Design is currently still little – at least at first glance.

Android 12 take the example of Samsung One UI

Buried deep in the settings and for a normal user, only with the additional resources available is “Silky Home” to. Once activated, it changes the entire appearance of settings: at the Top of a large header image, below the corresponding menu items. This makes the One-Hand operation much more convenient and should, in particular, on large Smartphones to be more comfortable lead. How this looks in practice, Mishaal Rahmann on Twitter shown.

Similar to Samsung’s One UI (above) could soon look at the settings in Android 12. Image: GIGA.

The Whole reminds of Samsung One UIthat also puts a focus on the convenient one-hand operation. Here has Google from the industry leader inspire. A true one-handed mode, which is reduces the size of the entire screen content, is not yet found in Android 12 but still. Perhaps a Google search provides this in a future developer preview. Also, the App pairs are missing.

For the entertaining of fun in the meantime:

In September, the release of Android 12 is expected to be

The first developer Beta of Android is 12 for all the Pixel phones from the third Generation available. By August, Google wants to update Android 12 monthly, with the final Release is expected in September. Only after manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, or HMD Global (Nokia), you can give the Update for their Smartphones.