Hope Biden – what’s the (Bitcoin)exchange rate for the US President?

The nightmare has come to an end, all of the characters at the beginning – or so do the leaf-maker headlines these days due to the changing of the Guard in the White house. It was for the world trade, the environment, the TRANS-Atlantic relations – a few days after the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden, already celebrated as a bringer of salvation. The course continues its Administration to the crypto-sector, however, remains to be seen. With the designate of the Minister of Finance Yellen and the OCC chief Barr Biden’s staff carousel crypto friends should appear more like a roller-coaster ride.

A new optimism – Biden stops with the first acts of regulatory push

It must not be wasted “no time”, the new U.S. President, Joe Biden quote. With his first official acts, the 78-through-Year-old last and try to make some initiative of his predecessor undone. In the process, Biden sowed hope for the crypto sector, and made several regulatory procedures freezing. The last is particularly controversial push to ungehosteten Wallets, was launched under Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin is affected. Now the Biden Administration wants to take this carefully under the magnifying glass.

– Designate US Minister of Finance Yellen takes Cryptocurrencies to the visor

Will be replaced Mnuchin from the former US Central banker, Janet Yellen. After official consultation with the designated Finance Minister, waits for the hour of the blessing of the Senate. Due to the democratic majority, it is likely to be soon in the position, the least critical of the course of the authorities, to divert it. However, Yellen’s answers to the senators is likely that some of the press mood: the former Fed-Chief – similar to the most recent ECB warned President Christin Lagarde – crypto-currencies are often used for “illegal transactions” and “money laundering”.

Biden-Administration – Ex-Ripple-Advisory Board could new OCC chief

At the same time the US President is considering a crypto-friend for the Post as the new chief of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). According to Biden, should in the future draw of the former Ripple of the Advisory Board and Finance officials Michael Barr, the fortunes of the authority. Barr would be in order for the Supervision of the payment, the competition and the ability to function of US banks and credit institutions. Its personnel is likely to values for the crypto-Community as a glimmer of hope. Not only is the Blockchain-the adaptation of banks falls within his area of responsibility. Observers speculate already, Barr could jump in as a Mediator in the dispute between his former employer and the securities regulator, the SEC, in the breach.

Get out of jail free: Trump pardoned Ripple Board

For not less attention to the former US President, Trump made meanwhile. In one of his last acts in office, he pardoned, in addition to numerous part of the prominent offenders and Suspects Ken Kurson, a former member of the Ripple-Board. The FBI was investigating the former journalists in the least because of the suspicion of the Cyber-Stalkings and harassment. For Ripple his likely hoped for freedom, but hardly relevant. Here you have these days anyway other things to Worry about.

Digital Central Bank money – German Central Bank handles CBDC-transaction

In the face of such a headline-lasting device at the end of the race to the Central Bank for digital currencies (CBDCs) easily forgotten. In terms of government Initiative, there is however anything other than a standstill, show the latest news from France. Here, the Banque de France announced recently the successful testing of an in-house CBDC-pilot. While the monetary authorities of the Netherlands, Sweden, the European files, but also Central Bank ECB to do your own experiments, turns out, the Paris-based Central Bank in a European comparison in order to the pioneer.

Central Bank of India holds on to crypto-Prohibited

However, the Indian monetary authorities to keep their hard-line stance towards crypto-currencies, loyalty. After a local digital Association had demanded in a Petition, the easing of the country’s current legislation, would reaffirm the Reserve Bank of India last their opposition. Crypto-currencies are not illegal in India, per se, but whose trade and exchange. For the Central Bank of the country made it a matter of that “virtual currencies for the purchase of illegal goods, weapons and ammunition to drugs” would be used.