How to find suitable connections in the DB app

The 9-Euro ticket starts on June 1. If you strike, you can travel unbeatably cheap throughout Germany by train and public transport. But to get everything out of it, you should know a practical feature of the app DB Navigator.

With the 9 Euro ticket, the government has created an opportunity to travel or commute cheaply in Germany. From June 1, such a monthly ticket will cost 9 euros, which offers a significant saving compared to usual tickets.

Indispensable for the 9 Euro ticket: DB Navigator makes the journey easier

But if you really want to save with the 9 Euro ticket, you have to know your way around. This is because only trips on local transport of the Deutsche Bahn are possible. IC, EC, or even ICE driving, you can not. You should pay close attention to this when planning the route for your trip – and the DB Navigator can help you with this.

However, the corresponding function is not easy to find. This is how you succeed still:

  • Open the DB Navigator and enter the start and destination of your journey in the search mask.
  • Below the date and time for your trip you will find the preset search options, tap on the icon.
  • Then select “Options” in the tab above.
  • The “all” selection is preset under “Means of transport”. Tap there and select the option “Local/regional transport only”.

With these settings you are on the safe side and get Connections are displayed on which the 9 Euro ticket is valid as a ticket – but with a few exceptions. If you want to be a little more specific, you can also choose a special mode of transport here, for example if you are looking for a connection with the S-Bahn. By the way: You can of course also use the function in the browser via the DB website. It is also much easier to find there directly on the start page.

You can also find these functions in the DB Navigator:

In the DB app: cyclists must know this function

Another setting is also practical: In the previous step, you can check “Show connections with bicycle parking spaces” under “Options”. Who uses the e-bike or ordinary Take your bike with you this way, you can make sure that there is also space on the train for this purpose.

Everything you need to know about the 9 Euro ticket, we have compiled in our article.

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