Huawei’s next Smartwatch as a Whole

Huawei has a fight on the Smartphone market, which prevents the Chinese company but not in the Smartwatch sector to beat them up. Here, there are no sanctions, so that more Gas can be given. With the Huawei Watch GT 3 is an important new feature is expected to be us.


Huawei Watch GT 3 runs with Harmony OS

Huawei will introduce soon a new Smartwatch. With the Watch GT 3 to appear in may, a Premium model that for the first time on the own operating system Harmony OS setsthe source reported. Huawei launches a new Era and combines slowly, but surely, all the major products. First of all, there was a television with Harmony OS, soon to be the first smartphone in the series and now has to be changed with the Watch GT 3 is also the first Wearable. Whether the advantages or disadvantages for the user, we can say at the present time, bad. The previously used Lite OS was very economical and high run times. Harmony OS is a completely different operating system, which is based somehow on Android, but it is much better to be.

First of all, Huawei wants to get a Premium Version of the Watch GT 3 on the market, which is equipped with many features. Details are not yet known. You will, however, cover sure all the Features that you know now of Huawei watches. It is also a Version with eSIM typeso that you can remain without a Smartphone, with the Smartwatch in the network is connected. Whether a 4G or maybe even 5G Modem is used, is not yet known.

The current Top model of Huawei:

Huawei Smartwatch with ECG and blood pressure measurement?

The Huawei watch look beautiful and a high level of maturity, it not for the lack of features, the Samsung and Apple have to offer. The possibility of an ECG record belongs to. Huawei offers in China, a special Version of the Watch GT 2 Pro, but is not sold in Europe. It would therefore be desirable if Huawei is the ground and the functions to Germany brings.

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