Intel exceeds expectations in front of boss AC

Quarterly figures Intel exceeds expectations in front of boss AC

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/ Margrit Lingner

Intel has long been the undisputed number one in the chip industry. In the meantime, the group is increasingly under pressure. In the last quarter, there were still record sales of US $ 20 billion, including through a Corona-Boom.


Intel has outperformed in the last quarter, business expectations and a turnover of 20 billion U.S. dollars achieved.
Intel has outperformed in the last quarter, business expectations and a turnover of 20 billion U.S. dollars achieved.

(Image: Intel Corporation)

The chip group Intel has outperformed in the past quarter, the business expectations clearly. With a turnover of 20 billion U.S. dollars, Intel took about 2.6 billion dollars (2.14 billion euros) more than previously expected. This was at the same time, percent fewer than a year earlier. For the full year, revenues increased by eight percent to the record value of 77.9 billion U.S. dollars. The quarterly profit fell by 15 percent to 5.9 billion U.S. dollars, as Intel announced after the US market close on Thursday.

In the business with data centers in the sales in the last quarter decreased year on year by 16 per cent to 6.1 billion US dollars. Throughout the year, the revenues, however, increased after the Corona Boom in traffic by eleven percent to 26.1 billion US dollars. With the Work and home Learning in 2020 had increased, among other things, video conferencing heavily. This made the Expansion in data centers needed by the Intel benefited. The area threw a operational quarterly profit of nearly 2.1 billion US dollars.

PC processors are booming

In the business with a PC-processors, revenue rose last quarter by nine per cent to 10.9 billion US dollars. The reason for a jump in laptop sales –which is also as a result of the Corona pandemic was. The operating result of the sector rose by ten percent to 4.5 billion US dollars.

Intel is facing a change at the top: For 15. February 2021, the experienced Tech Manager Pat Gelsinger will take over the post of CEO. The group was recently advised, among others, by delays in the launch of a new processor technology is coming under increasing pressure. Intel shares fell in after-hours trading, at times by more than four percent.

The outgoing chief Bob Swan said in a conference call with analysts after the presentation of the Numbers, Intel make good progress in the problems in the production of Chips with structure widths of 7 nanometers to overcome. The group must announce in the summer that these new processors are delayed until the end of 2022 or early 2023 will come to the market. Reason an error in the production process, which led to an inflated proportion of unusable Chips.

In connection with the problems, there is also the possibility, instead of that Intel could make the new processors completely in the case of other companies produce in their own plants. Now, Gelsinger said, he assume that the majority of the product range in 2023 will come from Intel’s factories. At the same time, but it is likely that you will put in “individual technologies and products,” more on external Pavers.

Delays in 7-Nanometer Chips

To master the 7-Nanometer technology is extremely important for the future of Intel. The lower the structure widths, the more processors can fit on a semiconductor disc in the production. In addition, the Chips work in a more efficient and power-saving. Competitor AMD has already 7-Nanometer products in the offer. Even at the current 10-Nanometer technology, Intel had to struggle with delays.

Recently, Apple increased the pressure with the transition of its Mac computers to the processors of its own design instead of Intel Chips. Gelsinger is convinced that the group will find its way back into a Position of strength: “Intel has also lives in the past cycles.” So you’ve missed the transformation of the industry to processors with multiple computing cores first, then in the area, but more than caught up. Gelsinger had been for several decades at Intel, including as chief Technology officer, before 2009 left.

Intel pulled ahead of the publication of the results by a few minutes. It had been noted that an infographic was to Pay in advance outside of the company in circulation, said an Intel spokesman for the Financial Times.

In the business with data center revenue for Intel rose by four percent to 6.4 billion US dollars.