Luxury mobile phone from China is getting better and better

With the Xiaomi Mi 11, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer attacks again. But what do you get for the price of 800 euros? A true High-End Smartphone at the pop price, or you must do here and there to compromise? GIGA has tested the Xiaomi Mi 11 in everyday life and has many positive but also some negative sides of the phone to be discovered.

Xiaomi Mi 11 in the Test: conclusion

The Mi 11 is the best Xiaomi SmartphoneI had in Hand. It has an excellent Display, a stunning Performance, a sleek Design, great build quality, a good camera and super-fast charging technology. The MIUI 12 Software, you must like them, but gets directly Android 11 and a huge feature set. Overall, a real luxury mobile phone, you must pay with 799 euros, but also.

However, there are some compromises that you have to respond, despite the high price. So a tele-missing lensso you should not zoom in when Shooting, rather, because, otherwise, the image quality suffers greatly. The phone has no IP certification, and is therefore not waterproof or against dust-proof. When you consider that even the cheap Poco X3 has an IP53 certification, it is bitter. The biggest sticking point, however, is currently the fingerprint sensor. If Xiaomi optimized the Update, would be the cell phone in daily use, with just so much better.

Overall, the Xiaomi Mi 11 has convinced me but. It means so much when a manufacturer installed a good Display, the phone runs just always fast and the camera in most situations, makes good photos. Who wants to buy one, but it should grab the Version with 256 GB of internal storage, no microSD Slot available. In the long run, well worth the extra cost.


  • 120-Hertz Display
  • Fast charging function
  • Performance
  • Battery life
  • 5G Modem
  • Dual-SIM function


  • Variability of the camera
  • Fingerprint sensor in the Display
  • No 3.5 mm Jack
  • No microSD Slot
  • No IP certification

Xiaomi Mi 11: Rating

  • Processing, feel and Design: 8/10
  • Display: 9/10
  • Cameras: 8/10
  • Software: 8/10
  • Performance: 9/10
  • Telephony and Audio: 9/10
  • Memory: 8/10
  • Battery life: 9/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Xiaomi Mi 11 in the Test: Design and workmanship


Visually, this is Xiaomi Mi 11 a real eye-catcher. The back of the beautifully designed camera, the gradient and the housing to make a good impression. At the Front is a Dual-Edge Display, but it has a small flaw can be found. The rounding of the corners of the Display does not correspond to the rounding from the housing. This looks just beautiful, and looks to have been waived on the final touches. Once you have seen it, the stain immediately catch the eye. Otherwise, the Xiaomi Mi is 11 processed, high quality, and, despite the size of good in the Hand.


Although the Xiaomi Mi 11 is a High-End Smartphone, the Chinese manufacturer to an IP certification. The Smartphone, which costs at least 800 Euro, in order officially, neither against water and dust protected. Unofficially, probably a little, because it is used a small rubber lip on the SIM Slot. Nevertheless, we would not rely on it. You have to be in the rain or near the water be careful.

Xiaomi Mi 11 in the Test: Display, and speakers


The Display of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is one of the best screens I have ever seen in a mobile phone from the Chinese manufacturer. This is likely to be due to the fact that this comes from Samsung. The AMOLED Panel measures 6,81 customs and resolves with 3,200 x 1,440 pixels. The 120-Hertz mode can also be used with the full resolution. According to sharp and smooth everything looks. The only drawback, but it can be resolved with an Update, is the light sensor. This adjusts the brightness always a little too dark. I had the feeling that the phone is learning that I like it a bit brighter. Maybe the two weeks of the test period were also too short.


So much So me, the Display of the Xiaomi Mi 11 has excited so much the fingerprint sensor disappointed methat is installed there. It is an optical solution that is generally inferior to a Version with ultrasound. Nevertheless, this work is noticeably worse than other optical Sensors. Here, too, I hope there will be an Update, because the mobile phone unlocked felt by 50 percent. And I had registered the fingerprint during the test period, multiple times, and even stored twice. This is a popular Trick, if the Sensors are bad.

Very well noticed, however, Stereo-speaker on the Xiaomi Mi 11. They sound clear even at high volumes. Xiaomi cooperates with the sound specialists from Harman Kardon and you can hear it. There are some of the best speakers in a mobile phone, I’ve heard so far.

Xiaomi Mi 11 in the Test: Performance and Software


Although Xiaomi has recently launched with MIUI 12.5 a new Version of their Android-surface, running on the Mi 11 is still the Version 12.0.3 with the level of security in February. That’s okay, because only a few manufacturers offer a the March Update. Nevertheless, we wished to MIUI 12.5 with all of the innovations. The Update is yet to come. As The operating system is already in Android 11 pre-installed, so that it is up-to-date.


MIUI, you must like it. The operating system is still very colorful, reminiscent in many Parts of iOS and is not always well thought through to the end. Xiaomi Fans like the surface but, because of the scope of the function is very big and you can do a lot to customize. With time you get used to in everyday life also to the peculiarities of. Therefore, this point is values-neutral.

In the case of the Performance power Xiaomi absolutely no compromises. The brand is built on new Snapdragon 888, 8 GB of RAM. Is this enough to use it all smoothly and without delays. Whether in the Browser, Play games, launch Apps, or Games, there is no stuttering or other problems – and this in spite of the heavily customized interface. Since other Chinese manufacturers can take an example. You play longer and charged to the mobile phone during the time, then you can feel that the phone is warmer than other devices. In normal use, I’ve noticed this, but none of the drawbacks.

Xiaomi Mi 11 in the Test: camera


The camera of the Xiaomi Mi 11 left in as good as every Situation a good impression. Alone in low light, it does not come quickly to its limits – in particular, if one uses the main sensor or something I have a zoom. As there is no telephoto lens is used, only a digital Zoom is used. This is a shame, because in the price class of mobile phones, the competition is usually always a telephoto lens. That’s why the photos are, where you use the digital Zoom, also not as sharp. The following are some of the photos I’ve taken with the Xiaomi Mi 11:

Xiaomi Mi 11 in the Test: battery life


The battery life of the Xiaomi Mi 11 I’m a little divided. Yes, you comes at the highest resolution with a 120 Hertz and pleasant brightness just as on the dayit is very short and does not happen always. A 4.600 mAh battery, you can expect a little more. Well possible that the high-resolution Display and the Snapdragon 888 draw so much energy. If you reduce the resolution and the refresh rate reduces, you have about one to two hours more battery life. So you will be sure about the day. You want to restrict but is that really the case? Not really. Maybe you can get with an Update a little more out of it.

After all, you can have the phone up to 55 Watt and 50 Watt charging wireless fast again. And the changes actually use. You don’t need to charge overnight. Even if the battery in the evening, only 25 per cent, I switch to flight mode and let the phone lie and agree with it only in the Morning for a few minutes. The battery is fully charged and you have no problems in everyday life.