Microsoft Viva for organization more employees

Employee Experience Platform is designed to increase well-being Microsoft Viva for organization more employees

Microsoft’s platform, the Viva is meant to bring information, self-organization, and training together in one place. Customers should give the happier and more successful employees, the provider of a share of an emerging market for Employee Experience Platforms (EXP).


Analysts estimate the resulting product category on a volume of a year, to around 300 billion US dollars.
Analysts estimate the resulting product category on a volume of a year, to around 300 billion US dollars.

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With the now platform introduced Viva Microsoft promises a seamless Employee Experience. The aims to increase the success of companies in an increasingly digitalized world of work. On the other switched the provider on the market for Employee Experience Platforms (EXP); Microsoft itself refers to analysts, the estimate of the annual expenditure for the resulting product category to 300 billion US dollars.

The four applications of the platform, to integrate the following aspects directly in the daily work processes of employees: communication of Knowledge, the promotion of well-being, as well as access to learning content and company content.

Viva Connections intended as a personal Entry into the digital workplace act. The application provides employees with curated content, News from the company, a policy or a Summary of the benefits. Users could also accede to the community interact. The Connections App for the Teams to be in the first half of 2021 for the Desktop, a mobile App later this year.

With Viva Insights Microsoft want a “Balance between work and well-being” promote. In order for the provider responds to increasingly hybrid models of work, in which the boundaries between professional and personal blur of life. The solution is designed to support individuals, regular break times to exercise, focus times for concentrated Work to establish and strengthen the relationship with colleagues. On the other, managers should have access to aggregated and anonymized data to detect “developments on the Team and organizational level, and to create better working conditions”. Building on already existing structures of the company with Viva Insights possible, LinkedIn’s employee loyalty platform Glint, and data from third-party link Tools, underneath Zoom, Slack, Workday, and SAP SuccessFactors. The Viva Insights App in Teams, and the new Dashboard for joint customers of Viva and Glint are now in public preview.

As a Central Hub for Learning in Microsoft Teams combines Viva Learning various Training courses and short learning units. In addition to its own content companies could integrate content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, as well as third-party providers including Skillsoft, Coursera, Pluralsight, and edX. Training should be a natural part of daily work. The Viva Learning App is now in private preview and will be introduced in the course of the year. ‘ll also offered to integrate with learning management systems, such as Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, and SAP SuccessFactors.

Viva Topics to finally make Knowledge available and users to find content to remove. This shall be achieved through a Combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and human Expertise: Companies would know the width of the content and subject are automatically organizedincluding information on projects, products, processes, or customer. Viva Topics shows the themes of the cards in conversations and documents in Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams; by clicking on a topics page, open the related documents, conversations, Videos, and experts. Content refers to the Topics of Microsoft 365, as well as third-party services, such as ServiceNow and Salesforce. Viva Topics is available as an Add-on in the “Microsoft 365″plans for commercial usage available – initially, however, for English-language content.