Google Maps is an application that wants to make other Apps redundant. Now Google has integrated a function, the popular Recharge Apps competition is doing. Yet you do not need to throw the Apps, but the mobile phone as a short Test of GIGA shows.

Google Maps shows gasoline prices of gas stations

Google has unlocked in the Maps application is a new feature where you can get the prices for petrol, Diesel and other fuels to be displayed. So if you want to check in advance, as the price at the gas station is just, that can learn. To do this, you need to only search for stations in the vicinity, and gets into the Detail information the prices displayed directly. Already in the Overview of the map, you can compare the prices of the petrol stations:


Compared to the Recharge Apps, Google rounds up the prices but not the exact same price as at the gas station. Also to be shown, not all of the tank, as a comparison with a well-known tanks of the App shows. So even well-known brands such as Jet missing in some places. In addition, we noticed that the prices are not updated as quickly as in the Recharge Apps. So you might fall during your travel or are on the rise.

A practical TECH.tip GIGA:

New feature of Google Maps still needs fine-tuning

Operators of Recharge-Apps should be pleased with the Integration of petrol prices in Google Maps at all. Although the functionality is not currently as big as the competition, this is likely to change in the future but. Google is obtained with time, more and more data and could draw the attention of the users is active when the Refueling is worth it, when you, for example, just in the vicinity. If all are exhausted of Google’s ways really, it will show in the future. GIGA keeps you up to date.