New incentives in the partner program, Managed Services, and the Storage-Boom

In an interview with Sabine Hammer Lenovo New incentives in the partner program, Managed Services, and the Storage-Boom

Whether it’s Cloud or Managed Services – anywhere Hardware is also available here. For a manufacturer like Lenovo benefited. However, the company provides partners with only the equipment, but actively supported with advice, solutions, and much more.


Like a compass manufacturer partners to help discover the way to new fields of business.
Like a compass manufacturer partners to help discover the way to new fields of business.

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A growth of more than ten percent in the case of Managed Services, the Tech Channel is expected according to Canalys, for the first quarter of 2021. This is not only good news for the partner landscape of the ICT scene, but also for all other Stakeholders, such as manufacturers and distributors. This, too, benefit from the Managed models and have positioned themselves in the past years, continuously in this Segment, mostly additive to your business. Also Lenovo. The Hardware specialist has been around for a year, “Exoscale powered by Lenovo” a Cloud platform, in collaboration with A1 Digital on the market, which is increasingly gaining journey. An important building block for the success of counseling is, as Sabine Hammer, Channel Director, Datacenter for the DACH Region at Lenovo, white. Because, just as one swallow does not make a spring, it helps nothing, Exoscale to offer, without having an idea how to generate long-term Services and strong customer loyalty is achieved.

The Cloud market is highly competitive. A1 Digital now wants to establish a European Cloud Alternative in the market.

The manufacturer ideas

Sabine Hammer, Channel Director, Datacenter Lenovo Germany
Sabine Hammer, Channel Director, Datacenter Lenovo Germany

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“Partners often have no answer for Cloud-themed, both entry – level and multi-cloud relates to the Segment, but are faced with Demands and the needs of your customers. Not all of the partners have been able to implement an idea, as a private business model. We can help with, for example, webinars, and show how a hybrid approach, with its own Hardware may look, or how our IaaS Offering on the Channel, for example, by means of Backup from the Cloud for an easy introduction into the topic of success.” It is exciting for the Hammer to see that Lenovo Partner also acts as a source of ideas, to make them Cloud-ready.

In the case of HCI and Software-defined, we can Partner with our Professional Services in the case of the first projects.

Sabine Hammer, Channel Director, Datacenter for the DACH Region at Lenovo

The Distribution plays a major role in the Lenovo looks to be well positioned. “The Trend to Managed Services with professionals and a lack of Resources to do that, but of course, that it is at the Moment not so easy to support end users on-site and much more Remote Services are in demand,” explains Hammer the reasons for the current Boom.

Also Lenovo concentrates his forces and creates just with the Services & Solutions Group, a new unit. “For the Channel that has no impact,” explains Hammer. “We will make the Channel optional offers that he can accept. Because, actually, this is the bread-and-Butter business of our partners, where we’re not in competition. However, it is accepted with thanks, if, for example, capacities or Skills are missing, or when a Partner to address new issues, such as HCI or Software-defined us. Here, we can assist you with our Professional Services in the case of the first projects.”

Lenovo to be organized.

And the partners are confronted with new issues of the customers. Speak with the major Cloud providers. And then it is put, for example, hybrid models, with Hardware in their own data center and links to the Hyper-scalers. “With this Trend we are seeing very strong,” emphasises the Hammer. As a good Argument for the IaaS offering “Exoscale powered by Lenovo” also, that the center is located in Munich, alone, in terms of DSGVO, and the tilted Privacy-Shield-agreement.

Incentives in the partner program

The new fiscal year on 1 April starts, takes a Lenovo traditionally, the opportunity to put accents in the partner program. This Hammer is emphasized that stability and predictability remain important pillars. Last year the manufacturer also because of Corona has changed his target system radically and in a linear withdrawals, at a percentage of goal achievement changed. This will continue to be maintained. “This came for our partners very well, because it leads to predictability,” says Hammer. In addition, the Lenovo-Service-Provider is simplified program (LSPP), and transparent, in order to give MSPs a clear sign. As the third important component is to be set, starting in April a few more incentives for Storage Partner. “This is an important topic and it is developing very well. We are in EMEA in the third quarter of our fiscal year ( the calendar quarter 4 / 2020, Anm.d.Red.) 18% grown and are significantly above the market growth. This shows us that we are strong.“ The partnership with Netapp bears fruit. “We can offer from the entry level up to high-end Segment systems. The Entry systems are available via the Distribution available from a quantity of one and with a fast delivery. In the SME sector, we are already in the project business, with individual configurations. This area has developed in the past half a year. Also, because we are helping the partners on this journey, which has been a major change.“

Expert Status for silver partners

For partners who are in the smaller companies on the road, is open from April, the ability to achieve Expert Status. This specialization was previously reserved for Gold and Platinum partners, and is expected to be opening in the future for the silver Level. “For these partners, Storage, and Software-defined, important issues, and we want to support in the solution business.”

All the information about the innovations in the partner program, and more is on 28.April on the Agenda. Because on this day, virtual event “Channel perspectives of 2021” will be held.