NFT-Premiere: Fynn Kliemann auctioned pieces of music

Fynn Kliemann is a crypto-Bunny. On Friday, the all-rounder to celebrate the Premiere of the NFT stage: curtain.

The best of the career of Fynn Kliemann is with the professional title of “adventurer” to shorten. If he doesn’t let his Followship on YouTube in the project “kliemann country” part, produces the qualified web designer, music or screwed for the Netflix series “house boat” with Olli Schulz Gunter Gabriel’s legacy. That Fynn Kliemann takes things in Hand, perhaps explains the currencies of its affinity for decentralized technologies and Crypto. What a result would be to bundle real, as the passion for art and technology in a project?

Fynn Kliemann is preceded by

Said and done. With Jinglebe to start Fynn Kliemann his own NFT Sale Rarible. The concept: made Of 100 individual and unique Jingles can choose those interested in the that’s right for you, submit an offer, and in case of successful bid for the associated NFT in the future, call your Own. The respective Jingles are shown on the Ethereum Blockchain and are tailor-made for each mood of the image. In addition to the dreamy “Daydreaming” or “Layback”motifs, the Portfolio has Hodler a treat. With “To the moon” received Bitcoiners the right melody, when the crypto-currency rushes once again to a record high.

The Jingles in collaboration with music producer Philipp Bork has served the mixer controller at Kliemanns Album “never” and, among other things, with Samy Deluxe, and Get Well Soon in the Studio sat. Can be decorated the unique Jingles in addition, AI-generated images. Also, the Artwork for each Jingles, thus, is individually designed.

Betting willing can simply submit their offers on the appropriate Jingle about Rarible and get the NFT in case of a successful bidding in the connection in your Wallet transfer. The auction will run on Friday, may 5. March, and ends on Sunday, may 7. March.

A Win-Win Situation

Compared to BTC-ECHO Fynn Kliemann has a bit of a chat from the beans. The idea for a NFT project had already matured, some time ago, and urges practically applied.

As this is happening, that is so exciting is, as already for a long time, and as you can understand it best? Properly, a part of it.

The Jingles were “the first NFT Jingles in the world, belong only to you”. As a symbiosis of “life, melody and animated Artwork with A. I.-generated faces” the total package “to admire, but also to use, try produce or sell”. By the NFT-molded and Blockchain technology to secure fusion of moral and monetary values, making a direct exchange between the artist and the consumer, and be blown classic distribution channels, and new foundations for creative placed to Create. Kliemann: “How cool is that?”

It shows significant value for both sides. Buyer will receive “the only way to have something legitimately digital and to be able to prove”. So when you trade in markets such as Opensea or Nifty, “the sales platform and gallery are at the same time, increases”, of part exorbitant NFT-worth the dough. For artists NFT also represent new sources of capital procurement, which allow a direct sales industry – without any intermediary.

Anyone can issue their own taste, people may be pleasantly act with each other and artists to participate for the first time in a fair while. By built-in royalty fees, the Creator is not to forget also in the case of secondary market sales.

Anger over “disgusting high Gas prices”

Even if the number of NFT-rise projects, Fynn Kliemann on left-trodden Paths. Pioneer projects are, by nature, a thickness of boulders in the way. In addition to “a few technical hurdles, and comprehension questions” had the Ethereum-choice, however, especially at a disadvantage: “Disgusting high gas prices”.

At the latest, at the beginning of the DeFi boom, the Ethereum scratches Blockchain again and again on the edge of what’s possible, which is reflected in the exorbitant transaction fees low. The also had to determine Fynn Kliemman, the “had to berappeln at the end of loose 15,000 euros” for the “minutes of the JingleBe Collection and the 100 unique Jingles”. Not just small money, the costs would rather be “made semi fun”. But the scope of the project justify the investment. To cover the costs, he would like to stay even. But, ultimately, the value of a prestige project had to settle higher than the net proceeds.

What is there?

Who followed Fynn Kliemann on the different channels, and white: For the first time, the multi-talent is not known. So the next ideas and projects are also already in the Pipeline, exploring the possibilities of the crypto market.

Depending on the JingleBe-success of his own Label “twofinger Records may develop” thus, in the future, as a hotbed of new NFT concepts. One plane there is “already a lot.” With the integration of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum in the Oderso-Shop Fynn Kliemann has done his part to the crypto-acceptance. Also, the “Kliemark” was still on the table. As a currency “for its own maintenance infrastructure” had gone to the crypto-currency after the “ICO-Thunderstorm” with the crypto market crash below. You would want to start the “try again”, there is now “significantly smarter concepts,” on which the Kliemark could build. It will be exciting.