Now there’s the offer of 100 euros cheaper

o2 offers a number of Bundle Offers, in which a Tablet or a Notebook velvet Tariff at a special price. We tell you what is good for the current offers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Plus)

Update from 7. March 2021:

The already good Bundle deal with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G price is become now even more attractive: made Possible by a Cashback from Samsung, in the context of when buying a certain Samsung Tablets, a refund in the amount of 100 Euro get. How to claim your refund: get the Bundle deal at o2 (as long as it is available, but in any event before the end of the promotional period on the 21. March) and registered to you, then, on the action page of Samsung. The Cashback you’ll be credited by Bank Transfer.

Who Work for the mobile nor the appropriate equipment required, it is at the current Offers from o2 may be able to find The mobile service provider offers Hardware from Samsung and Microsoft, in combination with the completely unlimited Tariff o2 Free Unlimited Max on the bottom line in the process, you can save significantly. A choice of the high-end Android Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G, the Galaxy Book S, and the Microsoft Surface Go 2 LTE – all devices have in common is that they are small, lightweight and can be used universally. They also have a SIM card Slot, the combined contract so (almost) anywhere.

In all of the Bundles, there is the Tariff o2 Free Unlimited Max – the features in a nutshell:

  • Network: o2
  • LTE & 5G included
  • unlimited data volume, unlimited telephony, unlimited SMS
  • Transmission speed: max. 300 MBit/s in the Download, max 50 MBit/s in Upload
  • EU Roaming included
  • 24 Months, 3 Months Notice Period

o2 Tariff Bundles Overview

o2 Free Unlimited Max + Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G

The Galaxy Tab S7 is the best Android Tablet in our comparison Test with the Plus Version with 256 GB of storage space there is a better-equipped variant thereof, which supports LTE 5G. The Stiftung Warentest has the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G only in January as the Test winner excellent. In the offer of o2, the Tablet costs along with the Tariff o2 Free Unlimited Max almost 60 euros per month, in addition, you pay for the device unique 1 Euro. Connector price, and shipping costs are not incurred. Over the contract period of 24 months,a total price of 1,440, 76 euros. If you buy the Tablet without a contract, you pay for it that is currently around € 930. Subtracting this sum from the total price, this results in an effective price of around 21 euros per month for the Bundle.

In the context of a Cashback from Samsung, you can currently also another 100 euros – is registered to you after the conclusion of the contract in the case of o2 on the action page. The refund you will receive shortly by Bank Transfer.

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o2 Free Unlimited Max + Microsoft Surface Go 2 LTE

The Surface Go 2 LTE is a 2-in-1 Tablet that can quickly bring up a keyboard, and thus the ideal companion for the road is. In the case of o2, the Tablet in the variant with 128 GB of storage space, the cost, otherwise, approximately 770 Euro. The o2-Bundle costs nearly a month 51 euros plus unique 1 Euro. Minus the current device price an effective price of this results in just 19 euros in the month of.

o2 Free Unlimited Max + Samsung Galaxy Book S LTE

In the third Bundle, o2 grabs for Unlimted Tariff, the Notebook Samsung Galaxy Book S with built-in LTE Modem and 256 GB of storage space. About 775 euros you have to pay for the device normally. In the o2-Bundle, the price including the Tariff is just under 50 euros per month, plus a one-off payment of $ 49. Also in this Bundle is an effective price of this results in the bottom line just under 20 euros per month for the Bundle.

o2 Free Unlimited Max: the Bundle-Tariff offers

The common element in all three Tariff Bundles, the Tariff is o2 Free Unlimited Max, at the same time, the Pro-rate is in the range of o2: in this Tariff, all of the restrictions, which are omitted in practice. Means: in addition to telephony and SMS Flat rate to all networks, this is also Data volume is unlimited, so you can surf unlimited, watching Videos, WhatsApp, play, and so on. Also in the case of the speed, there are no limitations: up to 300 Mbit/s, so the o2 network in the available maximum speed. When you Upload a maximum of 50 Mbit/s are possible. The average speeds are, however, less o2 is with 50.3 Mbit/s and 23 Mbit/s. Thanks EU Roaming of the Treaty in the EU and abroad, there’s per month, however, only 28 GB of data volume instead of a true flat rate. In addition to LTE (4G), the Collective also 5G availability is currently still very manageable.