o2 Many draws me to the plug-in: thanks but also!

How does it feel to almost 48 hours on the mobile network do without? Thanks to I and dozens of other users have had this forced break, the Telefónica Deutschland, better known as the operator of the mobile phone brand “o2”.

The Corona pandemic has also good sides. Because who’s going to be home and to a working DSL connection that is not dependent on the cellular network less. Nevertheless, I was amazed, as my iPhone made it clear to me that there is currently no network is applied. First of all, is not uncommon and so often experienced. Usually, the problem lays down a short time later, not so in my case.

Massive power failure in the case of o2: If a base station adopted

Still Hours later, any connection is missing. So what to do? Airplane mode enable, disable, restart … nothing helped. Must be the operator. Fortunately, o2 provides a way to check whether this is so. Provided one has an alternative Internet access (random point DSL), brings the Gang to the appropriate web page knowledge. Behold: Alarm Red! The official description does not sound less dramatic: “A base station in the vicinity works at the Moment is flawless.”

At least, o2 informed on the website of the corresponding disorders, provided you still have an alternative Internet access and can use the Live-Check. (Image: Screenshot GIGA)

Not working properly? In practice, this meant for me and all other customers Total failure – hundreds-if not thousands-of people was drawn to the area of the upper Elbe valley just change the plug. According to o2, but it was tuned, because “red alert,” says: “this result is a grid fault for your location with us is known and the colleagues of the power of technology to take care of the remedy.” Good to know, long as it can not take more then, Yes, or?

Well, and so it should work normally:

And whether, 24 hours later, no improvement was still in sight. Also the next day did not return for the beloved mobile network. Only after almost 48 hours the “Bucky” base station reported surprisingly again with a Signs of life. Curiously, while writing I this column started with listening to o2 about?

Possible Effects

It was by far probably the longest power failure, the I witness was allowed tohopefully a one-time affair. Annoying in any case, although as mentioned above, the current Situation is less critical. Classic Calls, I do not currently, and text messages to the past. Thanks to the still-functioning wireless network in the house, replace, FaceTime and WhatsApp, the usual services. But then I come to Ponder.

After all, I have since the end of last year, LTE location:

Reading tip

Sven Kaulfuss20.12.2020

What if someone on the Mobile number must reachfor example , an authority? Or what if I Receiving an SMS dependent am? For example, for the Two-factor authentication for various services and providers. Of all, I would be cut off, or would have to travel for miles in the next cell that still works. Since you recognize how dependent it is actually a easily working wireless network. Whew … that was close.

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