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Like the American television channel CNBC reported, to hold Respondent to the German Bank, Bitcoin and Tech-stock bubbles currently the largest Market.

According to the US channel CNBC Deutsche Bank surveyed 627 market experts, of which a majority (89 percent) to move some of the financial markets attested to the area of a bubble. In particular, Bitcoin and the stock of technology would be companies from the United States in the focus. Thus, half of the respondents, based on a financial bubble scale of 1 to 10, Bitcoin on the highest rating. US-Tech-share occupied the second place with an average rating of 7.9 out of 10, with 83 percent distributed an assessment of at least 7.

According to the survey, some investors believe that, in addition to the Bitcoin, the share price of electric car manufacturer Tesla will fall. To this end, Deutsche Bank said:

On the question of the 12-month fate of Bitcoin and Tesla – a share that is for a potential Tech bubble – do a majority of the respondents indicated that they are halved from this level, rather than double, where Tesla is, in the opinion of the recipient more vulnerable.

Skepticism about Bitcoin in Germany high

In Germany, too, the skepticism of Bitcoin is high. The digital Association Bitkom determined in December of last year, in a representative survey. Accordingly, only two percent of the 16 stated-Year-old to have in crypto currencies invested. Around a fifth (18 per cent) could not think of an Investment. The Rest of the respondents expressed skepticism about Bitcoin, and co. And, although the proportion of those who stated to have some of the crypto-currencies read or heard, increased significantly (76 percent).

Specifically, 66 percent of respondents digital means of payment are considered to be complicated. 55 percent said that crypto-currencies for speculators acquired. However, attested to but also three out of ten participants that Bitcoin and co. are a safe Alternative to the established money system. Among the 16 to 29 Year-olds, it was even 43 percent. In addition, every Fourth long-term Investments in digital value of investments judged to be useful. Were interviewed across the country 1.004 persons.