Razer on the way in the B2B Channel

Gaming manufacturer widened product range by Business Notebooks Razer on the way in the B2B Channel

Among the manufacturers of Gaming Hardware, Razer is one of the big names. A long time ago, the American company produces in addition to mice and Keyboards laptops and monitors. With the Expansion of the B2B business, the business of the IT Channel, the focus shifts from Razer.


Laptops like the Blade 15 Studio Edition is intended to open up Razen the B2B market.
Laptops like the Blade 15 Studio Edition is intended to open up Razen the B2B market.

(Image: Razer)

At the beginning of the mouse was in 1999, Razer with the Boomslang brought the first dedicated Gaming mouse on the market, at the time, developed by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff, acquired in 2005, is the first to Kärna LLC brand, Razer, and made a stand-alone company with its headquarters in Singapore, and the USA. Currently the company with the three-headed snake has the Logo, according to his own statement, leading Gaming brand in the United States, Europe and China. In 2016, Razer has taken over the audio experts THX, a year later, the Smartphone start-up Nextbit. However, the second and so far last, Razer Phone came in 2018 on the market.

The Portfolio of the Gaming provider now includes not only mice, Keyboards, and other Gaming peripherals. The manufacturer also offers Gaming laptops, Mini-PCs, eGPU enclosures, monitors, Gaming Chairs, and even surgical masks, of which the manufacturer also provides a significant amount of hydrates.

Notebooks for Creative and Business users

With the Book 13 and the Blade 15 Studio Edition Razer now has two Notebooks in the range that have not been designed for gamers, but for professional use. The Book 13 is a lightweight Business Notebook with Tiger Lake, the Blade 15 is a powerful tool for the Creative sector. These devices are, of course, for the parts of the IT Channel interesting, is not concerned with Gaming Hardware, so the Bulk of the system houses. In the interview, the Razer CEO and head of Development, Min-Liang Tan said that his company is also pursuing the Plan to sell these devices on the classic B2B Channel. First of all, Razer wants to go to the United States in search of suitable partners, and later also in Europe. Specifically, the Razer 13, according to Tan so successful that his company will continue to expand this segment of the market in any case.

Min-Liang Tan is the co-founder and CEO of Razer.
Min-Liang Tan is the co-founder and CEO of Razer.

(Image: Razer)

Stationary trading is important for Razer

In the case of the Gaming products of the sale for the most part, E-tailers and Retail runs. Tan stressed that his company is the stationary part of the trade is so important. Because it is a matter of products in which the optic and the haptics plays a big role, and “would you like to try”. Especially because it’s not driving products, but devices at the upper end of the price range. For example, the mice can cost up to 170 Euro, and in the case of the keyboard, the price ranges of up to 270 Euro for the new Huntsman V2 Analog. Therefore, Razer builds on the one hand, in large cities, its own Stores, addiction, on the other hand, partners with shops, the Razer products according to present. In the company’s own Stores, there are plans for an in Hamburg, the manufacturer sold in principle to the EIAs, the Razer CEO.

An important marketing platform for Gaming-focused manufacturers such as Razer’s eSports. Here is a lot of runs generally through Online platforms, but the omission of the Events in large stadiums, makes itself felt. With the Razer Invitational – Europe the manufacturer in December and January, a private open Fortnite has performed tournament as an Online event, with six dates, and 5,000 participants.


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