Samsung Galaxy A52 with Buds Plus & effective free Telecom Tariff

In the case of clear mobile you can get the Samsung Galaxy A52, the wireless In-Ear headphones Galaxy Buds Plus 5 GB LTE Allnet – & SMS-Flat in Telecom network at a very reasonable price. We expect to why the Deal is so good.

Samsung Galaxy A52 with Collective bargaining in the Telecom network extremely cheap

The brand-new Samsung Galaxy A52 in there is a clear mobile just including 5 GB LTE Allnet – & SMS-Flat Telekom-Network only 14,99 euros in the month plus 49,98 Euro one-time cost (co-payment + connection to the price). Up to 8. April 2021 gets her also the Bluetooth headphones Galaxy Buds Plus for free.

Samsung is not without reason one of the leading Smartphone manufacturers. The freshly unveiled the latest model of the immensely successful A50 series makes an impression Top. The Samsung Galaxy A52 has 6 GB RAM, 128 GB of memory and a super-smooth 90 Hz AMOLED Display, which can display crisp, clear images. The built-in 25 MP camera with optical image stabilization in this quality is rare in Smartphones of the middle price segment of the find.

In the case of the Galaxy Buds Plus it is wireless In-Ear headphones from Samsung, which were able to convince with a good sound and long battery life, not only us, but also over 10,000 Amazon customers. Compared to the predecessors, it was screwed in front of the microphone quality when on the Phone.

The Details of the tariff at a Glance:

  • Network: Telekom
  • 5 GB LTE data volume (max. 25 MBit/s)
  • Allnet – & SMS-Flat
  • EU Roaming included
  • 24 Months Minimum Term Of 3 Months Notice Period

How you can the best Fare and calculate, we will show you in the following Video:

The following costs await you:

  • Basic fee: 24 × 14,99 euros per month
  • One-time payment for the Smartphone: 29,99 Euro
  • Connection Fee: EUR 19.99
  • Shipping costs: free of charge
    = 409,74 Euro Total Cost after 24 months

Galaxy A52 with Telecom Tariff: that’s Why the offer is so good

The Samsung Galaxy A52 costs, according to the idealo-price comparison, currently a minimum of 349 euros. The Galaxy Buds Plus cost including shipping to at least 85 Euro. Pulling these values from the total cost over 24 months is not the Collective is not only effective for free – and save compared to buying even 26,26 EUR. The power of the contract to a real Pop supplysince the Galaxy A52 a brand new Smartphone is, it is only Recently on the market.

‘t forget but in any case, to terminate in a timely mannerso at least 3 months before the end of the contract. If you do not, the contract is renewed automatically for another year, and the fee rises to £ 24.99 from 25. Month.